What is busbar connect? Oct 26, 2022

Busbar is an important component in the new energy distribution system.




Busbar is a multi-layer composite connecting bus, also known as a composite bus, which can be regarded as a distribution system highway. Compared with traditional, bulky, time-consuming and troublesome wiring methods, Busbar has the advantages of easy design, low impedance, anti-interference, good reliability, space saving and simple and fast assembly.

The function of Busbar is mainly to realize the electrical connection between the cell and the cell, so as to constitute the required series and parallel relationship. On the other hand, because Busbar is directly connected with the cell, it can also be used as the sampling point of voltage and temperature of the cell.


 copper busbar


Use soft busbar connection has several considerations, it is the expansion of the ternary batteries force problem, in the process of filling put batteries and use, due to chemical reactions within the cell, the thickness of the batteries get bigger, on either side of the show is to expand, at this point, the batteries column with the changes in inflation, if there is no certain busbar ductibility, Then the electrode may be pulled and cracked, resulting in leakage and other safety problems;

In addition, Busbar is generally connected by laser welding, and soft Busbar can ensure the high consistency of the cell by using its own ductility, thus ensuring excellent welding performance.

Therefore, the Busbar is malleable to deal with both the risk of pulling poles due to cell expansion and the problem of high cell consistency.

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