• What is the Difference Between a 4-Way and 7-Way Trailer Connector?
    What is the Difference Between a 4-Way and 7-Way Trailer Connector? Sep 27, 2022
    A 4-way trailer connector has basic lighting features; Running lights, left turn signals and brake lights, right turn signals and brake lights, and ground. A 7-way trailer connector has these functions and a 12-volt circuit, an electric trailer brake circuit (which requires a brake controller on board), and a reverse light or auxiliary power circuit.     Wiring diagram of 4-way trai...
  • What is the car light wire harness?
    What is the car light wire harness? Sep 21, 2022
    In the whole system of automotive wiring harness, the headlight wiring harness has been easy to ignore the topic, today let's discuss the classification of the headlight wiring harness.     The headlight wire harness is not a high-voltage wire harness, but a kind of low-voltage wire harness. Wiring harness is generally copper multi core flexible wire, a few specifications commonly used o...
  • What is shield wire/cable?
    What is shield wire/cable? Sep 21, 2022
        1.What is the shield wire? Shielded wire is a transmission cable that uses a network of braided wires to wrap the signal wire. The conductor wrapped around the conductor is called shielding wire, and the wrapped conductor is called shielding layer, which is generally braided copper network or (aluminum). The shielding layer needs to be grounded so that external interference sign...
  • what is the sheathed wire?
    what is the sheathed wire? Sep 21, 2022
      1. what is the sheathed wire? The sheathed wire can be understood as two or three parallel BV wires (here refers to the BVV sheath wire), BV wires originally have insulation rubber, in three or two parallel BV wires and then coated with a layer of rubber, this layer of rubber is the sheathed wire. Sheath wire is also a common household wire, usually consisting of three or two cores. &n...
  • Where are the applications of DB9?
    Where are the applications of DB9? Sep 14, 2022
    Where are the applications of DB9?   The DB9 connector and DB9 cable are mainly used for communication, network, and video. The specific contents are as follows:   1. Communication interface/connection   One of the most widespread uses of D-sub is for RS-232 serial communication. Although this standard is not currently mandated, it has been accepted by the industry. The RS-232 devic...
  • What is OBD Cable assembly?
    What is OBD Cable assembly? Sep 14, 2022
    What is OBD Connector? On-board diagnostics (OBD) refers to automotive electronic systems that provide maintenance technicians with the ability to diagnose and report on the vehicle itself. OBD enables technicians to access subsystem information for performance monitoring and analysis of maintenance requirements.   OBD is the standard protocol used by most light duty vehicles to retrieve...
  • What is Lvds Contact/Cable Assembly?
    What is Lvds Contact/Cable Assembly? Aug 27, 2022
    What is Lvds? Low voltage differential signal (LVDS), also known as TIA / eia-644, is a technical standard that specifies the electrical characteristics of the differential serial signal standard. LVDS uses cheap twisted pair copper wires to operate at low power and can operate at very high speed. LVDS is only a physical layer specification; Many data communication standards and applications use i...
  • What is IDC Flat Cable Assembly?
    What is IDC Flat Cable Assembly? Aug 27, 2022
    IDC cable assembly "The insulation displacement contact (IDC), also known as the insulation penetration contact (IPC), is an electrical connector designed to connect the conductors of insulated cables. Through the connection process, one or more blades that are selectively sharpened are forced to pass through the insulation without peeling off the insulation conductor before connection. When it is...
  • What is the DB9 Connector?
    What is the DB9 Connector? Aug 26, 2022
    What is a DB9 connector?   The term "DB9" refers to a common connector type, one of the D-subminiature or D-sub types. The DB9's D-Subminiature connector will have the smallest "footprint," with nine pins (for male connectors) or nine holes (for female connectors).   Where is the DB9 connector used? DB9 connectors were once common on PCS and servers. The DB9 connector is designed to comp...
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