What are the components of a automobile wire harness? Oct 16, 2023

What is the wiring harness of a car?


Cars are large, with an average length of about 4 meters. Still, a car is probably made up of more than 10,000 individual parts that cannot be dismantled, and most of these parts are small.

The auto wiring harness is responsible for many functions in the car, such as airbags, ABS brakes, signal lights and many important functions in the car. None of these functions would be possible without a harness.

Therefore, we should fully understand the role of automotive wiring harnesses


What is a car wire harness?


Automobile wiring harness is the main body of automobile circuit network, and there is no automobile circuit without wiring harness. Wire harness refers to a component that is connected to a circuit after the contact terminal (connector) made of copper is crimped with a wire and cable, and then plasticized to an insulator or an external metal shell.


In simple terms, automotive wiring harnesses assemble cables, connectors, terminals, and wires to transmit electricity in the car.


In the past, cars were purely mechanical and could be driven without electricity. But driving a modern car without electricity would be a miracle.


Therefore, automotive wiring harnesses are a key component of any automotive engine. Without them, the current cannot reach the different electrical parts of the car.


Components of automotive wiring harnesses



The connector assembly is exactly what it is named for: it connects the harness wires to different circuits and power supplies. A typical connector has a male end and a female end. The two ends are joined together to transmit current.


However, the type of connector varies, depending on the harness. Their terminals also come in different materials, the best being brass and copper.

car wire harness

(Automotive cables and wires)



Fuse wire

In general, the role of fuses is to protect electrical components in the event of a failure. For example, when the current is too high.


The characteristic of wire harness fuse is that the wire is easily blown at a certain current level. When it fuses, it breaks the circuit.

As a result, it prevents miscellaneous currents from reaching the car's electrical components, thereby protecting them.

(Protective electrical components)



Fuse box

Each circuit in the wire harness has a separate fuse. This means that a failed fuse does not affect all components. A fuse box is like a house where you can assemble different fuses. It's similar to a switchboard.


(Wire Harness behind the dashboard)




Relay components of automotive wiring harnesses are used for high current cycles. It is one of the most important components, drawing power directly from the battery. In contrast, some components get their power from other car system components. Therefore, the relay components can deliver a strong current from a low current.


Electric wire

A harness is an assembly made up of cables or wires. A cable or wire is the component in this view. These are usually copper wires, with different circuit measurement variants.


For example, horn and headlight circuits use 1.5 wire. But the circuits for the dome lights and door lights use 0.5 gauge wires. When purchasing wires for a circuit, it is important to confirm the current value of the circuit.


(Electrical worker checks car wiring)


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