What are the advantages of auto cable harness? Oct 16, 2023

What are the advantages of car harness?

Having a car harness in the car is better than none at all. Here are some of the benefits they bring:


Less short circuit: For automotive wiring harnesses, the possibility of short circuit is less. Why? Because the harness assembles multiple wires into a well-aligned harness. These bindings are not flexible but not loose.


Quick setup: Installing a wiring harness can take a long time, requiring many wires and circuits to be connected. However, for automotive wiring harnesses, only one unit needs to be connected and all the wires will work. In addition to simplifying setup, you can also avoid incorrect connections.


Better fuel use: Installing car wiring harnesses will ensure that the car optimizes fuel use. You can save money on gas in the long run.


More durable: Cars often need to endure harsh environments. There are very few examples, such as cold winter weather, downpours and heat waves. Under these conditions, car wiring harnesses can still play a role. These harnesses are made of strong materials that are not easily broken.

 car cable assembly

(Close-up of the car's electrical system)

How to choose the right wire harness for the car

The following tips will help you:

Check the circuit connectors: This is the first and most important step. As mentioned earlier, standard wiring harnesses have 12 circuits, but others have 18 or 24. The circuit connector must be checked to confirm that it matches your vehicle type.


Also, check the connection pattern. Does it require crimping or welding, or both? A combination of both is optimal performance.


Check that the wiring harness is scalable: The car may only need a wiring harness of 12 circuits. What happens if you have a car that needs 18 circuits? New wiring harnesses can be purchased. Alternatively, an expandable harness can be obtained, which can accommodate more circuits from which to assemble. Extensible harnesses are also an advantage because they have less voltage loss.


Check the wiring harness material: You don't want anything but a durable wiring harness. To ensure this, check the wiring harness material, especially the wire and joint material. For wires, copper is the best choice. You can choose copper or brass as connector terminals, aluminum terminals should be used with caution.

(Auto mechanic checks wiring harness)


In general, the wiring harness in the car is an important bridge between the vehicle's electrical system and its multiple electronic components.


It provides power and communication during operation from one component to another.


Without the right wiring harness, the vehicle's electrical system will face a number of problems, including power outages, reduced efficiency, and even the possibility of fire if not properly monitored.


It's important to check your car's wiring harness regularly so you can spot any signs of damage before more serious problems develop.


This way, your wiring harness lasts longer and prevents any unexpected maintenance costs.


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