The basics of wiring harnesses - Part I Oct 25, 2023

Wire Harness

01. Wire Harness: Used to connect two or more wires with components and transmit current or signals. It can simplify the assembly process of electronic products, easy maintenance, easy to upgrade, and improve the flexibility of design. High-speed and digitalization of signal transmission, integration of all kinds of signal transmission, miniaturization of product volume, table attachment of contact termination mode, module combination, easy insertion and removal, etc. Used for the internal connection of various home appliances, test instruments, equipment, computers and network equipment.


02. Industrial wiring harness: mainly refers to some electronic cables, multi-core cables, and cables equipped with components in the cabinet, which are used in industrial UPS, PLC, CP, frequency converter, monitoring, air conditioning, wind energy and other cabinets.

 Industrial wiring harness

 Automobile Wire Harness

03. Automotive wiring harness is the main body of the automobile circuit network, also known as low-voltage cable. Conventional automotive wire harness products have the characteristics of heat resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, etc. At the same time, it has softness. Used for automotive internal connection, can adapt to high mechanical strength, high temperature environment.

 Automobile Wire Harness

04. LVDS cable, or Low Voltage Differential Signal, is a new technology that meets today's high performance data transmission applications. LVDS cables consume much less power when delivering high data rates than competing technologies, and products using LVDS cable technology can have data rates ranging from hundreds of Mbps to more than 2Gbps. It has been widely used in many liquid crystal displays requiring speed and low power consumption.



HDMI Cable series


01. HDMI cable,HDMI: High Definition Multimedia interface High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a fully digital image and sound transmission interface that can transmit uncompressed audio and video signals. Hdmi cables can be connected to set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, TV games, integrated expansion machines, digital audio and television sets


HDMI Cable


HDMI interface definition

 HDMI Connector

HDMI D Type (Micro HDMI) :

19pin, mainly used in some small mobile devices, such as cameras, drones, robots, etc., there is a special end for the standard HDMI plug, one end for MicroHDMI(D type) industrial mobile phones.

HDMI C Type(mini-HDMI) :

19pin, a reduced version of the HDMIA type, is mainly used in portable devices, such as DV, digital cameras, portable multimedia players, etc. SONY HDR-DR5E DV now uses this specification connector as an image output interface

HDMI cable type:

Name Standard HDMI Cable(up to 1080/60i) Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet Standard Automotive HDMI Cable High Speed HDMI Cable (1080p,DeepColor, 3D) High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet
名称 标准HDMI线 标准以太网HDMI线 标准车用HDMI线 高速HDMI线 高速以太网HDMI线


02. With the development of 5G technology, it uses the next generation of cellular technology, using microwave transmission, fast coverage, 5G download speed up to 10Gbps, the future application is to use light technology as the mainstream, optical transmission technology, the development of consumer electronics products to bring the best experience to consumers, with the fiber instead of copper this step of progress is getting faster and more intensive, Fiber optic cable will become the mainstream of cable in two to three years, for example: If you only need a two or three meters long HDMI cable, then there is no need to choose optical fiber HDMI cable, traditional HDMI cable can, if you need a HDMI cable more than 10 meters, then optical fiber HDMI cable is your first choice, but this long-distance optical fiber HDMI cable need to pay attention to protection when using, do not fold significantly. Decoration should also be particularly careful when buried, the corner needs a certain bend, not 90 degrees vertical folding, but because the HDMI Association for the cable research is relatively less, so the current market AOC series HDMI cable good and bad.


Optical fiber HDMI working principle

Optical fiber HDMI It needs two processes to output to the display device terminal: electrical --> Light, light --> electricity


Electricity --> Light, light --> Electricity; One light to electricity, one electricity to light; The one on the right is a three-color lamp, and the one on the left is a white lamp. The one more black device on the right should be the microprocessor, the brain of the whole wire, the photoelectric conversion plus the control of the microprocessor, the whole package is particularly small.


Let's take a look at the internal structure of the optical fiber HDMI cable, there are four layers, the innermost layer of 4 optical fiber core, it is worth mentioning that when stripping the optical fiber sheath, slightly use the force to break the optical fiber core, but in the four-layer structure of the optical fiber HDMI cable can be well protected the optical fiber core, to prevent the optical fiber core breaking, breaking and so on; Four of them are very thin; The remaining tinned copper wire is the power and electrical control signal, and the optical fiber is used to transmit data.


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