UL Power Cable and VDE Power Cable? Nov 18, 2022
Electrical wire VDE Cable

1. Different voltage environments: European VDE power cables are used at 220V voltage, while American UL power cables usually work at 110V voltage.

2. Different certifications: VDE power cables in Europe use VDE certification standards. Power cables with VDE certification can be bought and sold in the European Union. UL power cables in the United States use the UL certification standard. Power cables with the UL certification can be sold in the Americas.


UL Power Cable VDE Power Cable


3. Specifications are expressed in different ways: the specifications of power cables are expressed in the following ways: number of wires x conductor cross-sectional area, for example: 3x0.75mm2; The specification of the power cable is usually expressed in AWG, for example, 3/C 18AWG.

4, the core section is different: according to P=UI (P is power, U is voltage, I is current), because the American standard power cable of the working voltage is lower, through the current is larger, so the American UL power cable compared with the European VDE power cable of the core section is thicker.

5, wire core color is different: European VDE power cord wire core color is usually two core: brown (live wire), blue (neutral wire), three core: brown (live wire), blue (neutral wire), yellow green (ground wire). UL power cables usually have two cores: black (live wire), white (neutral wire), three cores: black (live wire), white (neutral wire), and green (ground wire).


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