What is the difference between solar photovoltaic cable and Electrical cable? Nov 17, 2022

What is the difference between solar photovoltaic cable and electrical cable?


The purpose is to transfer current, the difference is that the transmission of current at the same time for the use of the environment is not the same, that the composition of the cable material and technology is different.


Photovoltaic solar cable types include PV1-F, H1Z2Z2-K, and 62930IEC131

Electrical cables type include RV, BV, BVR, YJV, and VV single-core cables


solar wire


First, the difference between the use requirements:

1, Rated voltage is different

Solar photovoltaic cable: 600/100V or 1000/1500V of the new standard;

Electrical cable: 300/500V or 450/750V or 600/1000V (YJV/VV series)

2. Different adaptability to the environment

Solar Photovoltaic cable: need high temperature resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, acid, alkali and salt resistance, rain resistance, ultraviolet protection, flame retardant, environmental protection, can be used in harsh climate environment, service life of more than 25 years.

Electrical cables: Generally used for indoor laying, buried pipes and electrical equipment connection, and have certain temperature and oil resistance performance, but cannot be exposed outdoors and in harsh environments. The service life is generally based on the actual situation, and there is no special requirement.

Two, the difference between raw materials and processing technology

1. Different raw materials

Solar Photovoltaic cable:

Conductor: tinned copper wire conductor

Insulation: Cross-linked polyolefin insulation

Jacket: Cross-linked polyolefin insulation

Electrical cable:

Conductor: Copper conductor

Insulation: polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene insulation

Sheath: polyvinyl chloride sheath

2, the processing technology is different

Solar Photovoltaic cable: the outer jacket is cross-linked irradiation

Common cables: Generally, YJV\YJY series power cables will be cross-linked without cross-linking irradiation

Three, certification is different

Solar pv cables generally require TUV certification, and ordinary cables generally require CCC certification or only a production license.


wire cable


The above are the main differences between solar photovoltaic cables and wire cables that I have learned and summarized during my work in Aichie Tech Electronics Co., LTD. If you have any supplement or need to order any types of wire & cables, please contact us:

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