What is the cold pressed terminal? Oct 26, 2022

Cold pressed terminals include electronic connectors and air connectors. It is an accessory product used to realize electrical connection. It is divided into connector category in industry.


Cold pressed terminals



Insulation terminals also known as Cold pressed terminals, electronic connectors, air connectors belong to Cold pressed terminals. It is an accessory product used to realize electrical connection. It is divided into connector category in industry. With the higher and higher degree of industrial automation and industrial control requirements are more and more strict, accurate, the amount of terminals is gradually rising. With the development of electronic industry, the use of terminal more and more, but also more and more kinds.

Circular insulation terminal, cold-press terminal blocks, fittings, fork insulation terminal, needle insulation terminals, insulated terminals, the bullet fully insulated terminals, long the middle joint, short end of the middle joint, round naked, bare forked end, male female insulation terminal, tubular insulation terminal, bare tube end, needle bare end, peep mouth series of SC, DTG copper terminals, C45 Special purpose terminal.


The most widely used in addition to PCB board terminals, there are hardware continuous terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals and so on.


Features: Using the existing rail type terminal RTB connection technology, increase the circuit composed of electronic components, realize the transmission coupling of photoelectric process, the core of automatic control is that the control unit must be reliably isolated from each sensor and actuator to avoid interference.


Terminals can perform this function well and ensure that field signals are matched to the low voltages required for electronic control equipment, as well as interface elements between process control and control, signal and regulator equipment, cord end terminals, and peripherals of different voltage and power ranges. Optical isolation terminals have the advantages of low signal loss at the control end, high switching frequency, no mechanical contact jitter, no wear switch, high insulation voltage, not afraid of vibration, not affected by position, long life and so on, so they are widely used in the field of automatic control.


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