How to Test Alligator Clips & Alligator Clips Wiring Harness Nov 21, 2022

Alligator clip wire

alligator clip wire

Many times in circuits, we use alligator clips to connect the various parts of the circuit together; Or use alligator clip to optimize wire harness testing process and save wire harness testing time.

For example, we can connect DC power to the circuit through a pair of alligator clips.

Even though this case is out of the ordinary, sometimes the circuit may not work because the alligator clip is broken. If the alligator clip is broken, then it will not function as a good connector in the circuit, which means it will not be able to electrically connect the components in the circuit. As a result, the circuit will lack continuity and will not work.

If the circuit is not continuous and you are using an alligator clip, then the alligator clip may be the part suspected of having a problem.

This is not a big problem because the crocodile clip is very easy to test to determine if it is good or bad.

To test the crocodile clip, all we need is a multimeter with a continuity tester.

Since the sole purpose of an alligator clip is to electrically connect elements in a circuit, its only property should be continuous from one clip all the way to the end clip.


To test the alligator wire clip, we took a multimeter and put it in continuous mode. We put a probe on one clip and another probe on another clip at the end of the wire.

Here it is:

Test alligator clip

Test Alligator Clip Wire Harness 

If a continuous beep, indicating that the ends are continuous, then the alligator line is good. If not, there are some breaks in the electrical connection of the crocodile wire; It is defective and should be thrown out and replaced with a good piece of crocodile string.

This is the simplest and only test needed to check if the alligator clip is good.


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