What is the meaning of wire color in auto wiring harness? Jul 20, 2023

Automotive wiring harness is one of the important components of the automotive electrical system, it is woven by a number of thin wires in a specific way, like a thin wire connected to the various electrical equipment on the car color code represents the different functions and uses of these thin wires, Aichi science and technology team for you to introduce the meaning of the car wiring harness color code.


Black: Generally indicates the negative (ground) power cord, such as the terminal ground wire, the load of the SOS electronic system and the sensor ground wire.

Red: Generally indicates the positive (power) power cable, such as the positive battery wire, generator wire, ignition wire, and control module power cable.

Yellow: indicates the oxygen sensor cable or sensor signal cable. For example, oxygen sensors or oil temperature sensors.

White: indicates headlights, rear lights (reverse lights), interior lighting, etc. Also used in position light bulb cables for sound systems, displays and navigation equipment.

Blue: high beam lamp, anti-show lamp, seawater desalination device, etc. The blue wire can also represent a cooling system, such as the wire of an engine temperature sensor. Green: indicates the speed or rotational speed sensor of the automobile engine or the corresponding signal transmission cable. Some cars also use green wires to transmit diesel UTE data orange: indicating position lights and width lights as well as seat belt alarms and side lights. At the same time, it can also be used as a backup power supply cables.

Purple: is used for car cameras, such as navigation cameras, retrograde monitoring cameras, smart car light cameras and so on.

Gray: indicates air pressure sensor, throttle position sensor, speed sensor, etc. At the same time, it can also be used to represent the wiring of the seat heater.

Brown: indicates the door controller, electric suction door, and trunk spring coil. Brown wire can also be used in body control modules, driver safety systems, and more.

In short, the automotive wiring harness color code represents the function and use of each wire in the automotive electrical system, their role is essential, and the connection and configuration of any wiring harness must follow the specifications to ensure the stability and reliability of the automotive electrical system. Understanding the meaning of these color codes is very important for repairing the car, troubleshooting, and installing accessories.


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