What are the functions and working modes of low-voltage wiring harness terminals in new energy vehicles? Jul 21, 2023

With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness, new energy vehicles have become a new trend in the development of the automobile industry. Among the new energy vehicles, the development speed of electric vehicles is very rapid. At the same time, the electric energy used by electric vehicles is a large-capacity, high-voltage electrical energy, which requires the use of the corresponding wiring harness and terminal products in the automotive electrical system. We will mainly introduce the new energy low-voltage wire harness terminal working mode and function.

01 Use of new energy low-voltage wire harness terminals

New energy low-voltage wire harness terminal is a kind of accessories for electrical connection, it will be different colors, different functions of the wire to connect, and make the electrical energy between different appliances reasonable flow. New energy low-voltage wire harness terminals can be used for a variety of new energy vehicles, its main functions include: connection, distribution, protection, control, etc.


02 The working principle of new energy low-voltage wire harness terminals

The electronic equipment of new energy vehicles is numerous, and the working conditions are harsh, and high-quality wiring harnesses and terminals need to be used to ensure their normal work. The working principle of the new energy low-voltage wire harness terminal is mainly to contact the wires through its internal contacts, so as to ensure the smooth current when connecting the circuit.

New energy low-voltage wire harness terminals are made of conductive materials, the main components of which include copper, silver, tinned and stainless steel. Copper and silver are two commonly used conductive materials, which have good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, which can make the current flow more stable and smooth when connected. Tinning can improve the corrosion resistance of wire harness terminals and reduce their aging and damage during use. At the same time, stainless steel materials can also make the new energy low-voltage wiring harness terminal more durable, while ensuring that it will not appear overheating and other undesirable phenomena during use.


03 The main functions of new energy low-voltage wire harness terminals

1. Connection function

One of the main functions of new energy low-voltage wire harness terminals is to connect wires of different colors and different uses. Contact with the wire through its internal contacts enables it to transmit current in the circuit and makes the connection between appliances more stable and reliable. In addition, the new energy low-voltage wiring harness terminal can also be wired according to needs, so that the functions of these appliances can be maximized, and the circuit is effectively divided into branches to achieve specific functions such as control, protection, and grounding.

2. Assign functions

In new energy vehicles, there are a large number of wire harnesses, and users need to make the wires be able to transfer current smoothly. This requires the distribution function of the new energy low-voltage harness terminal to organize the wires into groups and connect them, so as to achieve the smooth transmission of current.

3. Protection function

The power system used by new energy vehicles is a high-voltage and high-current system, so the protection function of wire harness terminals is very important. In addition to the function of circuit connection and current transmission, the new energy low-voltage wire harness terminal can also improve its corrosion resistance, waterproof and dustproof characteristics through special materials and structural design, protect the line is not easily affected by the external environment, and ensure its normal work, so that the owner is more assured to use.


4. Control function

In new energy vehicles, in addition to various wire harnesses and batteries, some controllers are needed to control the vehicle's driving, charging, safety and other functions. The connection between these controllers requires new energy low-voltage harness terminals to be connected. Through the control function of the wire harness terminal, the wires of different colors and functions are connected, and the controllers can communicate with each other through current and data, so as to realize the functions of the vehicle.


In summary, the new energy low-voltage wiring harness terminal is a very important part of the new energy vehicle circuit. Its function is equivalent to the neural network on the human body, connecting the circuit together, and realizing its control and protection of various functions of the vehicle. With the continuous popularity of new energy vehicles, new energy low-voltage wiring harness terminals will continue to play an important role in promoting the development of new energy vehicles.

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