Energy vehicle high voltage connector and high voltage cable assembly Apr 24, 2023

The high voltage connector for new energy vehicles is an integrated electromechanical product, which is mainly composed of contact parts, insulators, shells, and accessories. Among them, the contact part is the core component of the connector to complete the light and electrical signal connection. Complete the connection of light and telecommunications required for vehicles during driving; insulation and housings mainly play a fixed, insulation and mechanical protection effect. The manufacturing process combines electrical performance design, CNC machinery processing, stamping process technology, plastic pressure process technology, precision pressure casting process technology, strict experimental methods and other diversified technologies.

 Energy storage cable

Because the quality and accuracy of high voltage connector products directly affect the electrical, machinery, and environmental performance of the connector, which will affect the driving safety of electric vehicles, the quality requirements and manufacturing accuracy of high voltage connectors are relatively high. High value mid to high end products.


In the field of new energy vehicle industry, high -voltage connectors are extremely important components, and they are applied on vehicles and charging facilities. The main application scenarios on high -voltage connectors on the vehicle are: DC, water heating PTC charger, wind heating PTC, DC charging port, power motor, high -voltage wire bundle, maintenance switch, inverter, power battery, high voltage box, electric air conditioning, AC charging charging charging charging charging charging Era and wait.


The high voltage cable of new energy vehicles is different from ordinary car cables, mainly because the environmental environment has changed a lot

1. High voltage and high current (vehicle)

It can reach 600/300A, but the battery voltage of traditional fuel vehicles is usually 12V, and the resistance level of the corresponding wire is less than 60V.


2. There are many large wire diameters and cables (vehicle)

High -voltage battery frequency conversion transformer/low voltage battery/air conditioning compressor/electric heating/power distribution form, many electrical structure cables are connected, and huge cables are configured in a limited space.


3. Exposure space (outside the car)

The cables of the charging gun part have been exposed for a long time, weather resistance, wear resistance, bending, tear resistance ... there are strict requirements.

Because the high voltage line beam in the car has the characteristics of large voltage/large current, and large number of large lines, the design of the wire beam is facing challenges such as wiring, safety, shielding, weight and cost.

 Ev cable assembly

1. Wiring

The layout requirements in the high voltage cars of the new energy vehicle are as follows:

(1) When static load, the outer diameter of the wire of the minimum rotation radius

(2) During the dynamic load, it is an 8 fold wire outer diameter of the minimum rotation radius

(3) High and low voltage wire pitch is at least 100 mm or more

(4) The distance from the high voltage connection line to the initial fixed point is below 100mm

The distance between adjacent fixed points is generally less than 150 ~ 200 mm

(5) High voltage cable assemblies should be arranged on the bottom of the car as much as possible

(6) Select the tough wires such as silicon rubber wires, flexible cross linking polyolefin wires

 lug cable assembly

2. Security

High voltage and high current, in addition to its own high voltage requirements for strict insulation performance, high temperatures caused by large currents must also be considered.

(1) wire selection item

Using high voltage wire 600V900V (AC)

Use wall thickness high line, wall thickness 0.6 mm-1.1 mm

Heat resistant curtain cables, heat resistant 150 degrees or more: Silicon rubber curtain cables, cross linked polyethylene cross linked polyolefin materials, have excellent flame retardant effects.

(2) Sealing

In order to match the high voltage connector, the sealing parts reaches waterproof and dustproof (IP67, IP69K). The wire requires the size stable performance, good roundness, and aging performance.

3. Shield

The reason why the high voltage cable needs to be electromagnetic shielding is

● Electromagnetic field noise caused by high voltage and large AC current

● Electromagnetic interference caused by the rapid power cutting of electrical components


The high voltage wire harness is a very critical connector in the runner and cables in electric vehicles. The hidden dangers affecting the high voltage wire harness are mainly overheating or combustion. The risk of dust. The development of new energy vehicles in China has made great progress, and all kinds of new energy vehicles have entered our daily lives one after another. It mainly includes pure electric vehicles, extension electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, hydrogen engine cars, other new energy vehicles, etc.

 EV cable assembly


But regardless of the form of new energy vehicles, their common feature is to use up to 300V ~ 600V or even higher voltage platforms, involving wiring, and they all have the same basic requirements, that is, under the electromagnetic interference protection system, they are under the electromagnetic interference protection system. High current and voltage with high transmission. The high voltage cable is used to connect to high voltage batteries, inverters, air -conditioning compressors, three phase generators and motors, thereby achieving power transmission. However, it should be noted that the high voltage wire beam of electric vehicles is not the same as the high voltage power conveyor cable in our daily life, which is relatively compared to the low voltage system of conventional cars.


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