Instructions for the use of heat shrinking tube in wire harness Apr 24, 2023

[Terminal] Instructions for the use of heat shrinking tube in wire harness

After the heat shrinking tube is encountered, it has a different role in fully automatic diameter and smaller. Therefore, the specifications of thermal shrinkage and thermal shrinkage are generally marked in A/B, that is, the inner diameter is AMM pipes, which can be gathered at least to gather together To BMM. The thermal shrinking tube has the characteristics of heat resistance, anti -aging, corrosion resistance and its insulation characteristics, and high impact toughness. Therefore, in contemporary electronics, it has already become an indispensable new -type insulating packaging raw material. Electric water bottle, electric coffee machine, automatic dishwasher and other commonly used electrical equipment connecting heads, cameras, and wires are particularly necessary to use thermal shrinking sleeve packaging in an extreme natural environment with high temperature and low temperature.


wire harness with heat shrinking tube


The heat shrinking tube is easy to apply. You only need to keep the moderate length of the heating sleeve in the maintenance position of the packaging objects. Use the thermal source such as a hair dryer to warm the thermal casing to above 120 ° C. Boarded objects. The insulation and safety protection of the packed items is generated.

Thermal shrinking sleeve is commonly repaired at the insulation repair of the wire branch joint. The welding of the welding of the branch wire is grabbed the pilot gum and tightened the thermal retractable sleeve. It is a case of the hot -shrinking pipe seal wire end. After the end -insulation layer of the wire is stripped, the mechanical and equipment at the root of the copper core cable is prone to break.


 Another example is that on the connector with a small indoor space, the distance between the feet is small, and the short circuit failure is very easy to touch in the middle of the foot. In this case, the end part of the wire is packed with armal retractable pipe, which makes the welded sheet and wire insulation packages. It not only decentralizes the stress of the mechanical equipment, but also seals a little welding to avoid harmful substances such as water vapor and other harmful substances. The erosion of point welding improves the stability of the connector work. It is a case that is covered with a heat shrinking sleeve after extending a resistor or a small circuit board on a wire. The wire welding of the resistor is rolled into a circle, which is beneficial to the sturdy and smoothness of the welding. It is a heat -shrinking tube for the wire code.


Customers can copy product names, model specifications, corporate names, etc. according to the engineering drawing serial number or basis, and the business outsourcing heat shrinkage custard. This type of code is convenient, clear, and not easy to fall. Thermal shrinking tube can also be used for insulation packaging of electromagnetic coils and cameras. All in all, after the application of electronic products, after the use of heat -shrinking the tube, the entire mechanical wiring can be clean, tidy and elegant.


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