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In favor of the Type-C product supply chain, the European Union announced that all devices must use Type-C interfaces Jan 20, 2024

The EU has always been committed to green and environmental protection, such as the pursuit of electronic products interface unity, and the big red USB-C is obviously the best choice at present, so the EU decided to pass a decree so that all electronic products must use USB-C interface, the deadline is 2023, and by 2024, the EU finally announced the law into effect. All electronic products sold in the EU must use the USB-C interface. The European Commission said on social media that through unremitting efforts, the USB-C interface will become the standard of electronic products in 2024, which we believe means better charging standards, cable waste will be greatly reduced, and everyone will be more convenient to find a charger. The EU says that in the future, all USB-C chargers should be able to charge electronic devices with USB-C ports without compatibility issues.

In this EU list, including mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, game consoles, e-books, keyboards, mice, mobile GPS and other devices must use USB-C interface, and by 2026, all laptops must use USB-C interface. The EU's move to unify all its interfaces is a huge step forward. After all, in the past due to the immaturity of technology, there were dozens of interfaces on the market, and later with the rise of USB, basically Micro-USB, Apple lighting and Type-C have become the three major universal interfaces, and Micro-USB is almost eliminated, the remaining biggest resistance is Apple lighting interface. For the EU move, Apple expressed strong opposition, saying that the unified interface will only erase personality. Of course, the huge market of the European Union has also made Apple have to lower its head and adopt the Type-C interface in the iPhone 15 Pro, and with the landing of this bill, we can casually find a Type-C line in the future to achieve charging and data transmission of digital products.


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