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Tesla's price adjustment in the USA, price increase and price reduction coexist Apr 27, 2023

On April 20, Tesla released the first quarter of the 2023 financial report. According to the financial report, Tesla's revenue in the first quarter was about $ 23.33 billion dollars, an increase of 24%year on year; net profit was about $2.513 billion dollars, and the operating profit margin was 11.4%. In addition, Tesla operating cash flow was $2.5 billion dollars, and the free cash flow in the first quarter was $ 400 million.


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Since 2023, Tesla has opened a price reduction strategy worldwide, and even in certain areas, the price reduction has been reduced more than once. But it is terrible that although Tesla's profit margin fell more than 10%, it was still considerable: in the first quarter, it still maintained an 11.4% level, which was higher than many car companies.


According to Tesla, although the price of some models in different regions in the first quarter, the decline in operating profit margins is still controllable. At the same time, Tesla also expects vehicle costs to continue to decrease.



At present, Cybertruck is producing the Alpha version. When Cybertruck successfully begins to deliver and complete production capacity climbing, it is estimated that Tesla's revenue and profits will continue to increase. Perhaps this is the biggest impact of large -scale production on the manufacturing industry.



Tesla's price adjustment in the United States, price increase and price reduction coexist

On April 20, the official website of Tesla showed that the price of Model Y long battery life and the high -performance version was reduced by $3,000 US dollars, and the price of the Model 3 rear -wheel drive version was reduced by $2,000 dollars.


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At the same time, the price of Tesla Model S and Model X was raised by $ 2,500 in the United States. At present, Model S is priced at $ 87,490, Model S Plaid is priced at $ 107,490; Model X is priced at $ 97,490, Model X Plaid is priced at $ 107,490.


This kind of rising and falling situation perfectly explains the principles of Tesla's "cost -based pricing". Model 3 and Model Y are already the sixth time to reduce prices in the United States. Musk also hinted that although Tesla's price reduction measures at the beginning of this year have affected profit margins (profit margins have fallen by 10%and the market value evaporates $50 billion), Tesla will continue to reduce prices to stimulate demand. It is conceivable that Tesla's continuous price cuts will continue to impact the new energy market in the USA.


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