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How to draw auto wire harness drawing? Dec 20, 2022

Solution 1:


According to the wiring harness configuration list of the vehicle and the wiring harness direction in the 3D wiring diagram, the measurement tools in CATIA are used to measure the required sizes of each trunk, branch, buckle, cable tie and rubber parts according to the drawing requirements of the wiring harness diagram. The 2D diagram can be arranged through reasonable design, and the outline of the wiring harness diagram can be basically determined.


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Solution 2:

In the process of automobile circuit design, in order to understand the actual situation of automobile electrical equipment in detail and facilitate the arrangement and connection of automobile circuit, engineers need to rely on the schematic diagram, automobile circuit diagram and application diagram. Although the diagram reflects the actual installation position of the electrical equipment on the vehicle, the criss-cross wires in the diagram increase the difficulty of reading the diagram. In order to make the circuit diagram more close to the reality, it is often necessary to draw the wiring harness installation diagram.

Wiring harness diagram is the whole car circuit diagram drawn according to the actual installation position of electrical equipment on the car, mainly based on the formation of wiring harness, the drawing surface of the line is less, the expression of the connection between the components has become its main content, in order to express the color of the wire, the terminal code of the joint, often supplemented with wiring harness grouping and terminal number table and wiring harness terminal wiring table.

The contents of the wiring harness

First, the composition of the wire harness

The automobile wiring harness diagram is composed of multiple wiring harnesses, including main line harnesses and branch wiring harnesses. The diagram should show the composition of each wire harness, how many branches there are on each harness, how many wires there are on each branch, the color of the wire and what the stripes are.

Two, the length of the wire harness

The length of the wire harness includes the total length of the wire harness, the length of each branch and the length of the interval between two wire ends.

Three, connection code and connection mark

The number of electric appliances on the car is large and complex, in order to make the connection correct, each connection point should be marked with connection code and connection mark, so as to facilitate the connection.

Four, the adapter

Because there are multiple wiring harnesses, wiring harnesses and wiring harnesses, branches and wiring harnesses, or branches and electrical appliances are all connected through the connector, it should be indicated how many wires on each connector, where each wire is located in the wiring hole of the connector, what kind of shape of the connector, whether the adjacent several connectors are easy to be confused.

Color of wire

In order to make you understand the color of the wire in the automobile wiring harness diagram division, first introduce a few terms.

Dominant color: The color with a large area ratio in two-color conductors.

Auxiliary color: color with small area ratio in two-color conductors.

Monochrome conductor: Conductor with one color insulating surface.

Two-color conductor: conductor with two colors of insulating surface.

In the drawing of automobile wiring harness, the color and code marking of conductors should conform to the following table:


In this way, in the automobile wiring harness diagram, the color of monochrome wire is composed of one color specified in the above table, and the color of two-color wire is composed of the combination of two colors specified in the above table. The choice of color of wire should be given priority to monochrome and then two-color. The color labeling also has rules. Color codes are adopted. If the monochrome wire is red, it is marked as "R". For a two-color wire, the first color is the primary color, the second color is the secondary color, the primary color is red, the secondary color is white, and the label is "RW". In this way, the automobile wire harness wire color is clearly expressed on the wire harness diagram, which is convenient for designers to consult.

In addition, all kinds of car electrical wiring should be used black wire, black wire is not used for other purposes.

Cross-sectional area of conductor

The cross-sectional area of the conductor is selected according to the size of the working current. For some electrical appliances with particularly small current, such as indicator circuit, in order to ensure the proper mechanical strength, the cross-sectional area of the conductor should not be less than 0.5mm2.

The cross-sectional area of a conductor is marked before the color code. The unit is mm. For example, 1.25r indicates a red conductor with a cross-sectional area of 1.25mm2. 1.0G/Y indicates a two-color conductor with a cross-sectional area of 1.0 mm2. The primary color is green and the secondary color is yellow.

A principle of automobile wiring harness drawing is simple and clear, so that all aspects of the whole drawing expression close to the reality, the applicability of the use, maintenance personnel.


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