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The development direction of automotive wiring harness Aug 29, 2022

The development direction of automotive wiring harness


Competition among wire harness manufacturers has intensified. Product development to a certain period, competitors will also have scale, strength, integrity of the enterprise to compete. Smaller companies will be weeded out. Wiring harness assembly is increasingly concentrated in technologically capable enterprises.


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Because the automotive wiring harness is different from the general wiring harness, there are some electronic components attached to the car wiring harness, such as sensors, thick film circuit mixed, such electronic components have high technical content, emphasizing the technical safety and reliability; Has gone beyond simple, generic assembly. It is reported that a mid-range car, there are nearly a thousand interface, more than 30 microprocessors, hundreds of pairs of connectors, the total length of wire used is 1500m-2000m. With the development of IT technology and the emergence of E concept car, put forward the development direction of automobile network, modular, network cluster has been ready to appear, so that the wiring harness manufacturing technology will appear a second leap. The function of wire harness extends from ordinary signal transmission to data transmission.


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In addition, the limitations of wire transmission signal, the extensive use of fiber optic cable, automotive wiring harness manufacturing technology for the third leap, cable with transmission speed, large capacity, small volume, strong confidentiality, anti-interference advantages of the good, will soon be a thing of the future automobile data processing and exchange of important material optimization, the power and signal distribution system into a new stage of historical development. Fiber-optic cables are already being used in BMW's D-Class cars, and the Japanese are following suit.

The main development trends of wire harness technology are as follows:


1.Multi-channel transmission technology: The technology refers to the transmission of multiple signals over a common media, make the electronic controller can share information, avoids a single connection, the application of this new technology, make the wire connection to simplify, compact structure, can reduce weight, also can reduce the cost, because the information is widely Shared, rather than simply copying, therefore, for fault diagnosis, more accurate, Engineering changes are faster and defects are more easily repaired.


2. Multi-station connection technology: the technology refers to the internal connection system can connect multiple intelligent devices, it can not only share battery energy, reliable grounding, more importantly, it can share data, the technology greatly reduces the input and output of the module, the number of counts, simplify the module and wiring harness assembly; Due to the reduction of a large number of contact points, production cycle, production costs will be significantly reduced.


3. Electronic, electrical integration technology: The technology refers to the modern automobile will have an electronic, Electrical integration of the central Electrical box BEC (Bussed Electrical Center), in the Electrical function it is equivalent to a small substation, according to the needs of the battery energy reasonable distribution to each circuit, in the electronic function, it is like a small data processing Center, Process and transmit various signals.


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With the increase of car function, widespread application of electronic control technology, combined with people to car safety, comfort and economy of the demand is higher and higher, the car electrical configuration, function more and more, more and more electrical parts, a connect the electrical wiring harness is becoming more and more complex, and the heavier automotive wiring harness also becomes thicker. Therefore, CAN bus configuration is introduced in advanced cars and multiple transmission system is adopted. Compared with the traditional wiring harness, the multiplex transmission device greatly reduces the number of wires and connectors and makes the wiring easier.

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