What is IDC Flat Cable Assembly? Aug 27, 2022

IDC cable assembly

"The insulation displacement contact (IDC), also known as the insulation penetration contact (IPC), is an electrical connector designed to connect the conductors of insulated cables. Through the connection process, one or more blades that are selectively sharpened are forced to pass through the insulation without peeling off the insulation conductor before connection. When it is made correctly, the connector blades are cold welded with the conductors to achieve theoretically reliable air tight connection."


IDC cable assembly


IDC cable assemblies are available with 1.27 mm spacing, 2.00 mm spacing and 2.54 mm spacing. Most are double row connectors, but some are single row connectors.


A crimp connector is a solderless connection that uses mechanical friction and uniform deformation to secure the connector to a pre stripped wire (usually twisted). Crimping is used for splicing connectors, crimping multi pin plugs and sockets, and crimping coaxial connectors. Special crimping tools are usually required for crimping... "

Discrete wires connectors are available in a variety of centerline, size, shape, and wiring configurations.


Ribbon Flat cable assembly


Insulation displacement connector (IDC)

IDC's manufacturing speed is faster, so the cost is lower. In fact, dozens of wires and contacts can be terminated at the same time.

The insulation on the wire does not need to be stripped, welded, or crimped separately before termination. This saves a lot of time and money.

Most IDC can be terminated by a basic hand press or other simple tools. For this problem, generally speaking, the lower force is the need to terminate the ribbon cable to IDC contact.


IDC has been a recognized connector design since the 1950s. Connector companies offer a wide range of design and manufacturing options, which are widely accepted. They can be used for various wire gauges, pin sizes and centerlines. The mating connectors of IDC cable assemblies include a variety of options to increase the robustness of the assembly, including locking clips, ejection latches, strain relief and polarization, and so on.

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