What is AVSS Wire? Aug 18, 2022

What is AVSS wire?

The full name of AVSS wire is AVSS-thin-wall low-voltage polyvinyl chloride PVC wire. As we all know, AVSS wires are generally used in automotive wiring harnesses. By thin wall, we mean the thickness and material of the insulation layer. At present, thin-wall automotive wire AV, AVS, and AVSS, they are special PVC material is made of stabilizer, PVC resin, plasticizer, lubricant and other special preparation and carefully processed plastic materials, with excellent wear resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, good physical chemistry and mechanical electrical properties, According to the different requirements of consumers can also be processed into cold resistant materials, high resistance fuel, oil resistant materials, etc. Therefore, AVSS wire cable is very popular and pursued by consumers, and occupies a large proportion in the market.


AVSS wire


What are the properties of AVSS wires?

Avss wire processing is good and fast, is a kind of thin wall automobile wire and wire surface is smooth and delicate. Avss wire is a kind of temperature resistance grade 90℃ of thin wall automotive wire material performance. The extrusion process of AVSS wire is as follows: if the inventory time is more than 3 months or the packaging bag fails to moisture-proof, in addition, it is worth noting that the AVSS wire must be dried before use. The air blast should be adopted, the drying temperature should be 65℃, and the time should be at least 2. Extruder with L/D of 20 ~ 25 is used for extrusion processing, and gradual screw is used.

The melt temperature of extruder shall not exceed 175℃. Since the difference between the actual temperature of the melt and the value indicated by the temperature control meter varies with the type of extruder, the user should select the appropriate temperature for the AVSS wire according to the specific situation of the equipment. Avss wire is usually packed in 25KG woven bag with polyethylene lining or paper-plastic composite bag. In the transportation and storage of thin-wall automobile wire special PVC material in the transportation process should not be subjected to sun and rain, should be stored in a clean, cool, dry, ventilated warehouse. Pay attention to the AVSS wire handling process should be handled with care. Avss wire has a shelf life of six months, so you should use it within the shelf life.


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