What are the categories of electronic wiring harnesses? Nov 27, 2023

What are the categories of electronic wiring harnesses?


Electronic wiring harnesses can be divided into six types, including computer wiring harnesses, printer wiring harnesses, display wiring harnesses, USB printing wiring harnesses, parallel port wiring harnesses and male female wiring harnesses.Electronic wiring harnesses

1, Computer wiring harness: computer wiring harness is a variety of external devices connected to the computer host cable, divided into display wiring harness, power cord and data cable. The power cable mainly provides power to the device and charges the battery. The display harness is used to connect the host graphics card output or the motherboard display output to the display input port. The data cable is mainly connected to the external input, output or storage device through the computer serial port and parallel port and USB interface to achieve the purpose of mutual transmission of information, such as printer and computer connection requires a printer USB cable, mobile phone and computer connection requires a mobile phone USB cable and so on.

2, The printer wire harness: the printer cable is used to connect the printer and the computer cable. Generally divided into USB printing wiring harness and parallel port printing wiring harness two kinds.

3, The display wire harness: the display harness includes data cables connecting the host and the display screen, and the power cable connecting the power supply. Common data cable types are: HDMI Cable, VGA wire harness, and DVI cable assemblies, in addition to the Display Port (DP) and Mini Display Port wire harness that have become popular in recent years, and the latest Thunderbolt (mainly used in Apple's Mac product cable after 2010). Common power cable types are: three-pin and two-pin interfaces.

4, USB printing cable: generally one side is USB port connected to the computer, one side is PIN5 port connected to the printer. The transmission speed is fast, it can be hot swappable, and the printing driver can be printed from the computer normally after being connected.

5, Parallel port print cable: refers to the use of parallel transmission method to transmit data print cable, because this interface is easy to damage, and the transmission speed is slow, so now basically replaced by the USB interface.

6, Male Female Wire Harness: The meaning of male female wire harness is very simple, that is, a male connector and a female connector composed of a wiring harness, called a male female wire harness. Male female wire harness Our common is DC wire, electronic wire harness, used for LED lights and drive power connection. DC male female cable is injection molded, that is, the DC Connector is welded well, and then injection molding can be processed, the male female wire harness , is the terminal cold pressed on the wire, and then inserted in the male and female connector inside, it becomes the terminal male female wire harness. The male female cable is also convenient for maintenance and maintenance, such as the lamp drive is broken, directly change the drive, no need to weld.

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