What are the categories of battery cable wiring harnesses? Jun 28, 2023

Cables can be seen everywhere in our lives and life is inseparable from wires and cables. This article will analyze the battery cables that we are not familiar with, and discuss the classification of car battery cables.


Battery cables and their uses

Take a quick look at battery cables - Battery cables are rigid single-conductor wires made of large gauge copper. It is usually insulated with PVC or XLPE and is used to securely connect car electrical components and car batteries.

The part of the battery cable is sometimes called the battery lead. The battery cable has a positive lead connected to the ignition device. Again, it has a negative lead that is grounded and connected to the chassis. Car battery cables are rated at 60 volts.

The outer sheath is insulated and flame retardant, protecting the internal cable from environmental hazards such as salt, fuel, oil, water, lubricants and acids. In addition, the battery cable can withstand moderate high temperatures. Automotive battery cables are also used in Marine applications and other industrial equipment.


Specifications and standards for battery cables

The battery technology cable specification is SAE J1127 as standard. There are four types of battery cables:

  • Type SGR: Synthetic rubber insulation.
  • Type SGT: Thermoplastic insulation.
  • Type SGX: Crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation.
  • Type STX: Crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation with thinner walls.

SGR battery cables do not have SAE J1127 test requirements for dielectric, flame retardant, or wear resistance. All battery cables must meet SAE requirements to ensure quality and safety. A rigorous testing process helps protect consumers' safety and their product's longevity.


Types of Auto Battery Cables

So, what type of car battery cable is best? It usually depends on automotive or mechanical applications. While most battery cables look similar, there are some significant differences between different types of battery cables.

SGR Battery Cable

SGR battery cable is used between battery grounding and starting circuit, with flexible synthetic rubber insulation and stranded bare copper conductor; It is mainly used in automotive applications, but is also suitable for other applications such as ships and RVS.

SGT Battery Cable

SGT battery cable with thermoplastic (PVC) insulation and stranded bare copper conductor; It is usually found in battery grounding and starting circuits.

SGX Battery Cable

SGX is a cross-linked cable that uses cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation and stranded bare copper conductors; Used between car starting and battery grounding. Compared with SGT and SGR, SGX battery cables have stronger aging and wear resistance.

STX Battery Cable

STX battery cable is similar to SGX, which is a cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulated and stranded bare copper conductor cable STX has thinner walls, making it more flexible and better suited for use in tight automotive applications.







Stranded Copper Conductor

Stranded Copper Conductor

Stranded Copper Conductor

Stranded Copper Conductor

Gas, Oil, Abrasion Resistant (plus most other engine fluids)

Gas, Oil, Abrasion Resistant (plus most other engine fluids)

Gas, Oil, Abrasion Resistant (plus most other engine fluids)

Gas, Oil, Abrasion Resistant (plus most other engine fluids)

Rubber Insulation

Themoplastic (PVC) Insulation

Cross-Linked (XLPE) Insulation

Cross-Linked (XLPE) Insulation with thinner wall





40°C to +105°C

-40°C to +105°C

-40°C to +125°C

-40°C to +125°C


What is the scale of the car battery cable?

Car battery cables come in several different sizes, and the right size depends on the application and needs. Most car batteries use a 12-volt power supply, which works best with a # 6 battery cable (standard). While the battery cable can withstand voltages up to 60 volts, it is ideal for 12-volt power systems.

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