Waterproof grade and requirements of wiring harness Nov 22, 2023

Wire harness is an important carrier for data and power exchange, and its waterproof performance directly affects product function and service life.

With the rapid development of modern society and the continuous progress of science and technology, people pay more and more attention to the safety of various electronic products, the quality and functional requirements of electronic products are getting higher and higher, and the harness as equipment and equipment, equipment and machine, machine and machine between the carrier of data and power exchange, its importance is self-evident. The waterproof requirements of electronic products have become one of the basic elements of the quality of more and more electronic products, especially the connected devices that carry wired transmission data and power, and its waterproof quality directly affects the function and life of the product.

waterproof wire harness

Waterproof grade distribution of wiring harness:

According to IEC 60529 and QB/T 1898 standards, the waterproofing of wiring harnesses can be divided into the following levels:

IPX-0 has no water protection and does not require any water protection for the product.

IPX-1 requirements: Under normal operating conditions, the harness can provide waterproof protection equivalent to 3-5 mm/min rainfall for 10 minutes without water leakage.

IPX-2 requirements: The level is basically the same as IPX-1, but it can pass the waterproof test of 15 degrees in all directions.

IPX-3 requirements: 60-degree Angle splash waterproof protection, provides 2-5 minutes of 10 L/s flow rate and 80-100n/m pressure waterproof protection without water leakage.

IPX-4 requirements: The level is basically the same as IPX-3, but can provide full range and Angle splash waterproof protection against water leakage.

IPX-5 requirements: Full range and Angle waterproof protection, providing a flow rate of 12.5 l/s for 2-3 minutes and water protection at 30n/m pressure.

IPX-6 requirements: waterproof protection of large waves, can last 2-3 minutes to resist a depth of 3 meters underwater, a flow rate of 100 liters/minute, and a pressure of 100 N /m.

IPX-7 requirements: 1 meter underwater can soak for 30 minutes without water leakage.

IPX-8 requirements: thoroughly waterproof, can be used continuously in water without leakage.

IP69K requirements: able to withstand hot vapor scour tests as defined in EN60529 and DIN40050-9.

This provides protection against water pressure of 100 bar(1450psi) and temperature of 80ºC. The pressure is applied directly to the sensor at an Angle of 30 degrees (0,30,60 and 90 degrees) for 30 seconds at each Angle for a total of 120 seconds (2 minutes) to prevent the entry of water.

Wire harness waterproof technology meets the international waterproof requirements of electronic products, of course, different waterproof levels must be designed from different materials and structures, so the waterproof design of wire harness mainly considers the following issues: Design of wire structure:

Wire mainly includes conductor, insulation layer, filler, isolation layer (shielding layer), wire outer cover (sheath). The components must be completely close to each other and have no gaps to ensure that there is no leakage; In the structural design of the connector, the connectors on both sides of the wiring harness must be sealed when they are combined with the on-board interface. The connector docking is completely tight and watertight by means of waterproof gaskets or pads. The combination method of wire and connector, the assembly and combination method of wire and connector are mostly injection molding and bonding, so that there is no gap between the connector and the wire.


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