How to maintain the wire harness in use? Nov 24, 2023

Wire harness is an important carrier for data and power exchange, and its waterproof performance directly affects product function and service life.

 electrical wire harness

With the rapid development of modern society and the continuous progress of science and technology, people are more and more concerned about the safety of various electronic products, the quality and functional requirements of electronic products are becoming higher and higher, and the connection line as equipment and equipment, equipment and machines, machines and machines between the carrier of data and power exchange, its importance is self-evident. The waterproof requirements of electronic products have become one of the basic elements of the quality of more and more electronic products, especially the connected devices wire harness cable assembly that carry wired transmission data and power, and its waterproof quality directly affects the function and life of the product.

How should the use of the cable assembly be maintained

1. When hitting the grounding pile, it is necessary to dial the power to dredge the accident current quickly and ensure the grounding quality.

2. Take good care of the ground cable. The grounding wire shall not be twisted during use, and the soft copper wire shall be coil well when not in use. After the grounding wire is removed, it shall not be dropped from the air or thrown about anywhere. It shall be passed by rope.

3. The new staff must be trained and studied in the use of grounding wire, and can only operate or use grounding wire independently after passing the assessment.

4. Before hanging the grounding cable, you must have a prior electricity. Failing to check the grounding cable is a common habitual violation in the grassroots.

5. Hang ground wires at both ends of the two sections of the work site to avoid the possibility of backward power supply and induction by users, and there are many examples of harm.

6. Select ground cables of different specifications according to different voltage levels.

7. Do not use other metal cables instead of ground cables.

8. Do not hang the ground cable or change the location of the ground cable without authorization.

9. The ground wire has a double-sided, it has a safe role, improper use will also produce damage effect, so the work should be removed in time. The grounding switch will damage the electrical equipment and destroy the stability of the power grid, which will lead to serious malignant electrical accidents.

10. Check the grounding cable before working. Whether the soft copper wire is broken, whether the screw connection is loose, whether the elasticity of the wire hook is normal, if it does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced or repaired in time.


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