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What does the busbar of the energy storage cabinet mean? Mar 07, 2023

Busbar concept:

The busbar refers to the use of a high -electricity copper and aluminum material for transmission of electrical energy and distribution of power capabilities. The total wire of the power station or the transformation station conveyor power can be used. Through it, the electric energy output from the generator, a transformer or a rectifier is transported to each user or other substations.



In the power system, the busbar is connected to each load branch circuit in the power distribution device, which plays a role in gathering, allocating, and transmitting electrical energy.

According to the appearance and structure, the bus is roughly divided into the following three categories:

1. Hard busbar: Including rectangular bus, circular busbar, tube -shaped busbar, etc.

2. Soft bus: Including aluminum twisted wires, copper twisted wires, steel core aluminum twisted cables, diameter hollow wires, etc.

3. Close bus: Including the bulk box, the division of the busbar, etc.


Performance characteristics of energy storage cabinet busbar:


The busbar is used in copper or aluminum busbar, with large current density, small resistance, small skin effect, and no need to use. Small voltage reduction means that energy loss is small, and ultimately saving users' investment.


For the cable, because the cable core is multiple copper wires, the root area is larger than that of the busbar of the same current level. And its "skin effect" is serious, reducing the current rated value, increasing the voltage drop, and easy to heat. The energy loss of the wire is great and easy to aging..


Looking at the drawing cabinet drawing, you must first be familiar with the icons of each electrical component, because there are many multiple devices in the power distribution cabinet, and the physical objects and icons of the component can be seen one by one. The role and constituent principle are better, and it is more helpful for the icons. You can search on Google to have a lot of web pages. Bookstores also have books: books such as primary electrical appliances, you can find it.


The installation requirements of the power distribution board (box) are: the power distribution board (box) application is made of non -flammable materials; the production place and office with less dangerous electric shock can be installed with an open power distribution board; Poor processing workshops, casting, forging, heat treatment, boiler room, woodworking room and other places should be installed with closed -type cabinets; in dangerous operating places with conductive dust or produce flammable and explosive gas, they must be installed with closed or explosion -proof type Electric facilities; power distribution boards (boxes) of each electrical component, instrument, switch and cables should be arranged neatly, firm installation, and convenient operation; Generally, 1.2 ~ 1.5m; non -obstacles within the range of 0.8 ~ 1.2m in front of the board (box); reliability of the protection line connection; no naked electrical body exposure outside the board (box); Or the electrical components on the power distribution board must have reliable screen protection.


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