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Smart home wiring harness connection application solution Aug 19, 2022

Smart home wiring harness connection application solution


Home Automation is based on the residential as a platform, using comprehensive wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the facilities related to home life, to build an efficient management system of residential facilities and family schedule affairs. Enhance home safety, convenience, comfort, art, and achieve environmental protection and energy saving living environment.


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Home Automation is the embodiment of iot under the influence of the Internet. Smart home connects all kinds of equipment in the home (such as audio and video equipment, lighting system, curtain control, air conditioning control, security system, digital theater system, video and video server, shadow cabinet system, network home appliances, etc.) through the Internet of things technology. Provide home appliance control, lighting control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, environmental monitoring, HVAC control, infrared forwarding and programmable timing control and other functions and means. Compared with ordinary home, smart home not only has the traditional living function, but also provides construction, network communication, information home appliances, equipment automation, provides a full range of information interaction functions, and even saves money for various energy costs.

The concept of smart home originated very early, but there has been no concrete architectural case. It was not until 1984 that the United Technologies Building System It was only when System applied the concept of informationization and integration of building equipment to the CityPlaceBuilding in Hartford, Connecticut, that the first "smart building" appeared. It was the beginning of the world's rush to build smart homes.


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Home Automation

home automation refers to the use of microprocessing electronic technology to integrate or control electrical and electronic products or systems in the home, such as lighting, coffee ovens, computer equipment, security systems, heating and cooling systems, video and audio systems. Home automation systems mainly use a central microprocessor to receive information from relevant electronic and electrical products (changes in external environmental factors, such as the sun rising or setting light changes, etc.), and then send appropriate information to other electronic and electrical products through established procedures. The microprocessor must control the home's electrical products through a number of interfaces, such as keyboards, touch screens, buttons, computers, telephones, remote controls, etc. The consumer can send signals to, or receive signals from, the central microprocessor.


Home automation is an important system of smart home, in the presence of smart home just, home automation and even equates to smart home, it is still one of the core of smart home, but with has a widespread application of smart home network technology, network appliances/mature information home appliances, home automation function of many products will go into these new products, So that simple home automation products in the system design is less and less, its core position will be replaced by home network/home information system. It will play a role in the smart home as part of the control network in the home network.


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Home Network

The first step is to separate this home network from a pure "home LAN," which is a network system that connects PCS, peripherals, and Internet connections in the home. It is only one component of the home network. Home network is a new technology that connects PCS, home appliances, security systems, lighting systems and wide area networks within a home (which can be extended to neighbors, communities). The current connection technologies used in home networks can be divided into two categories: wired and wireless. The cable scheme mainly includes: twisted pair or coaxial cable connection, telephone line connection, power line connection, etc. Wireless solutions mainly include: infrared connection, radio connection, RF technology based connection and PC based wireless connection.

Compared with the traditional office network, home network has added many home application products and systems, such as home appliances and lighting systems, so the corresponding technical standards are also complex.

Network home appliances

Network home appliance is a new type of home appliance designed and improved by digital technology, network technology and intelligent control technology. Network appliances can be interconnected to form an internal home network, which can be connected to the external Internet. Visible, network home appliance technology includes two levels: the first is the interconnection between home appliances, that is, to make different home appliances can identify each other, work together. The second level is to solve the communication between the home appliance network and the external network, so that the home appliance network really becomes an extension of the external network.


To realize the interconnection and information exchange between household appliances, it is necessary to solve the following problems:

1. Product model describing the working characteristics of household appliances, so that the data exchange has a specific meaning;


2. Network media for information transmission. In solving the difficulty of network media, the options are: power cable, radio frequency, twisted pair wire cable, coaxial cable, infrared, optical fiber. The feasible network home appliances include network refrigerator, network air conditioner, network washing machine, network water heater, network microwave oven, network cooker and so on. The future direction of network appliances is also fully integrated into the home network to go.



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Design Principles of Smart Home Wiring Harness

To measure the success of a smart home system, not only depends on how many, the system of the advanced intelligent system or integration, but depends on whether system design and configuration of the economic and reasonable and the system can run successfully, the use of the system, management and maintenance is convenient, system or product technology is mature and applicable, in other words, It is how to exchange the maximum effect with the least input and the simplest way to achieve, to achieve a convenient and high-quality life. In order to achieve the above goals, smart home system design should follow the following principles:

Practical Convenience

The most basic goal of smart home is to provide people with a comfortable, safe, convenient and efficient living environment. To intelligent household product, the most important is with practical for the core, abandon those flashy without reality, can fill the function of decoration only, the product is given priority to with practical, ease of use and human nature.

In the design of smart home system, should be based on user demand for intelligent household functions, integrate the following the most practical and most basic household control function: including intelligent home appliance control, intelligent lighting control, electric curtain control, burglar alarm, access control intercom, gas leak, etc., can also extend area such as video on demand, and other value-added service function. For many personalized mode of smart home control is very diverse, such as: local control, remote control, centralized control, mobile phone remote control, induction control, network control, timing control and so on, the intent is to let people get rid of the cumbersome affairs, improve efficiency, if the operating processes and procedures set too trival, easy for users to produce resistance. So in the design of intelligent home must fully consider the user experience, pay attention to the operation of the facilitation and intuitions, had better be able to use graphical graphical control interface, let the operation see is gain.


The design of smart home system scheme should be carried out in accordance with relevant national and regional standards to ensure the expansion and expansibility of the system. The standard TCP/IP protocol network technology is used in the transmission of the system to ensure that the system can be compatible and interconnected between different manufacturers. The front-end equipment of the system is a multifunctional, open and extensible device. For example, the host, terminal and module of the system adopt standardized interface design, which provides an integrated platform for the external manufacturers of the home intelligent system, and its function can be extended. When the need for additional functions, there is no need to excavate the pipe network, which is simple, reliable, convenient and economical. The design and selection of the system and products can make the system and the future development of the third party controlled equipment interconnect.



Home intelligence has a significant characteristic, is the installation, debugging and maintenance of the workload is very large, need a lot of manpower and material resources input, become a bottleneck restricting the development of the industry. In view of this problem, the system should be designed to consider the convenience of installation and maintenance, such as the system can be remote debugging and maintenance through the Internet. Through the network, it not only enables the residents to realize the control function of the home intelligent system, but also allows the engineers to remotely check the working condition of the system and diagnose the faults of the system. In this way, the system setup and version update can be carried out in different places, which greatly facilitates the application and maintenance of the system, improves the response speed, and reduces the maintenance cost.


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The development Trend of Home Automation


Environmental control and safety practices

Intelligent household itself construction aim is to provide people with safe, comfortable living environment, but because of the intelligent household system in this area show many shortcomings, for the future development of smart home is bound to improve work in this aspect, and this idea through to the household life of the system, For example, video and audio equipment, temperature control, security control, for this aspect, but also to complete the remote and centralized control of parallel tasks, to ensure that the whole home life reflects the characteristics of a more human.


The application of new technology and new fields 

Smart home in the future development process in order to adapt to the development of the situation at that time, will certainly and has not been combined with the new technology integration, IPv6 and other new communication technology will play an important role in promoting the development of smart home control will lead to the development of the IT industry new trend; In addition, after the improvement of smart home system, it can be applied in a commercial atmosphere, so as to broaden its application scope. This situation will make the market of smart home also appear a large range of expansion.


Integration with the Smart Grid


In our country, the construction of smart grid has its basic requirement, will serve all kinds of intelligent facilities throughout the residence, in the process of power service, can also be a penetration effect on the network of smart home, using smart grid users, if they are also enjoying the service of smart home, Then his demand is that an effective close communication can be established between the two, and all kinds of information combined with smart home and smart grid can be coordinated and effectively managed.

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