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E534394--Aichie Tech obtained UL certification for wire and cable on May 29, 2023 Jun 15, 2023

What is UL certified wire and cable?

UL is the abbreviation of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL Safety Laboratory is the most authoritative in the United States of America, and it is also the largest non-governmental organization engaged in safety testing and appraisal in the world.


UL certification is a standard in the United States. If products are exported to North American countries, UL certification is usually required. UL certification must be a third-party organization, and UL will give the certification file number, for example of Aichie’s UL number: E534394

Then check and confirm through the UL official website. At present, many companies only meet the UL standard, but have not passed the UL certification and have not been recognized by UL. There are many hidden dangers in this kind of wires and cables, so be sure to buy wires and cables that have obtained UL certification.


Dongguan Aichie Tech Electronic Co Ltd. obtained the UL certification on May 29, 2023, and the certificate number is E534394. This is a major achievement of the company, and also demonstrates the company's strength and influence in the global wire and cable field.


 Wire and Cable


UL certification is one of the most well-known and authoritative certification bodies in the world. Its certification program ensures that products meet safety, reliability and environmental protection requirements. The process for Aichie Tech to obtain the UL certificate includes sample testing, product certification and certificate issuance, among which sample testing is an important part of the company. Only products that meet the UL certification standards can enter the UL certification process and obtain the UL certificate.


Aichie Tech has always been in a leading position in the R&D and production of wire and cable. The company's cable products have obtained UL certification for many times, and have been widely recognized and used around the world. The company's wire and cable products include electronic wires, automotive wires, medical cables, industrial control cables, silicone wires, high-voltage cables, energy storage cables, new energy charging cables and other wires, which are widely used in automobiles, industries, construction, medical, subway, robot, motors Servo system and other fields.


If you have any needs about wire and cable, you can contact Dongguan Aichie Tech Electronics Co Ltd., we will provide high-quality wire and cable products to meet customer needs.


The following are the wire models certified by Aichei:

UL wire

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