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Briefly describe the Market of Terminal & Wire Harness in China Nov 21, 2023

Speaking of the current wire problem, there may be a lot of people think of electricity, Yes, the wire is built on the basis of electricity, it is too much to play a bearing role, if there is no electricity, then the wire has no value of existence, but if there is no wire, then the electricity will be less of its own carrier, it can not be converted into our life or work in the kinetic energy. For the representative terminal wire of the cable, some people are very optimistic about its market, but some people think that its use is cyclical, perhaps in the future it will be replaced by other advanced wires, then we will specifically analyze the market of the terminal and wire harness.


First of all, the terminal cable assembly on the current market is there is its irreplaceable, such as some office supplies, home appliances have its value, which we can not deny. As far as the development of wire technology in China is concerned, at least this terminal wire can be used for 10 years. But we should also see its potential for development in the future, with the continuous development of our circuit technology, or in 10 years, 20 years after the market for this terminal wire is slowly squeezed, there may be a more new type of wire, then the real terminal wire assembly is facing its own development bottleneck, if it can continue to develop, Then there is still room for his own rise, but in the reverse view, there will inevitably be a high-tech wire to replace it, so as now only the production of terminal wire enterprises must have a strong sense of development.

What we have introduced above is about the future market situation of the wire harness cable assembly, from which we can learn that no matter what industry, any market as long as it does not develop, it means that it will be eliminated, so we must have a sense of security whether we are doing business or engaged in other work. Even such a small wire industry competition is so big, let alone other large enterprises.


Dongguan Aichie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, focusing on connectors, wire harness, cable assembly, wire and cable and other electronic products technology development, we have strong technical expertise, research, development, design, manufacturing and sales combined and develop a good marketing system, with advanced manufacturing equipment and product testing capabilities, After years of operation and development, the sales of wiring harnesses, connectors, wire and cable products have been distributed all over the world.


Aichie successively passed ISO9001, IATF16949 certification, UL, CUL listed company; Connectors through CE certification, most of the wire harnesses, wires and cables through RoHS, REACH certification standards. For enquiries, please contact our team at

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