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2024 Beijing Automotive Wiring Harness Connector Exhibition: Electrical connection innovation leads the future of travel Oct 26, 2023

2024 Beijing Automotive Wiring Harness Connector Exhibition: Electrical connection innovation leads the future of travel


The automotive wiring harness market is expected to maintain steady growth in 2024 and faces some important demand trends:

1. New Energy vehicles drive demand growth: Sales of new energy vehicles (such as electric vehicles) are expected to continue to rise as the global demand for environmentally friendly transportation continues to grow. This will drive increased demand for automotive wiring harnesses, as NEVs require more complex, high-performance electrical systems to support their electric drives and charging devices.

2. Intelligent and automated drive needs: Intelligent and automated technologies are increasingly used in the automotive industry, such as autonomous driving functions, vehicle networking and advanced driver assistance systems. These advanced technologies require more sensors, control units and data communication equipment, driving the growth in demand for automotive wiring harnesses.

3. Lightweight and energy efficiency requirements: Car manufacturers are committed to improving fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions, so the requirements for vehicle weight and energy efficiency are constantly increasing. Lightweight is one of the important strategies to achieve these goals. The introduction of new materials and design methods has made automotive wiring harnesses lighter and more compact, while still meeting complex electrical connection needs.

1. Personalization and driving experience: Consumer demand for personalized car configuration and comfort is also increasing. This means that car manufacturers need to offer more customized features and options, which require corresponding electrical system and harness support.

In summary, the automotive wiring harness market in 2024 will be influenced by the demand for new energy vehicle promotion, intelligent and automated driving, lightweight and energy-saving requirements, and personalized and driving experience. These trends will provide opportunities for automotive wiring harness manufacturers to innovate and improve product performance to meet market demands.



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