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Bosch started production of inverters and motors for 800V technology for electric vehicles Sep 19, 2023

September 1st, 2023; Stuttgart, Germany, - Most electric vehicle owners want their vehicles to drive efficiently and charge faster. Now, Bosch has begun production of a new powertrain solution based on 800V technology, which enables faster charging speeds and further advances the development of electric vehicles.


"Bosch is increasing the voltage for electric vehicles. Our 800V technology will lay the foundation for more powerful electrified power solutions and shorter charging times, "said Ralf Schmid, Executive Vice President, Electrification, Bosch Powertrain Solutions. 800V inverter uses silicon carbide semiconductor, with the help of silicon carbide semiconductor higher conduction efficiency, thereby enhancing the endurance of electric vehicles. The Bosch 800V motor offers higher power density and a lightweight compact design. A German luxury car manufacturer is using the rotor and stator in this powertrain solution for the first time.

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Rotors and stators for powertrain solutions based on 800V technology


Silicon carbide technology helps reduce heat loss by 50%

In recent years, 400V power solutions have become the accepted industry standard. When the current is the same and the voltage is doubled, the power transmission can be doubled. This adjustment also allows for thinner cables, less inverter space, less weight, less copper, and a more compact inverter design with more power. When using a 400V platform, the charging pile supports a charging power of up to 250 kW. If you use an 800V platform, you can theoretically achieve twice the charging power.

In addition, Bosch's inverters use silicon carbide semiconductors. This type of semiconductor improves electrical conductivity by introducing carbon atoms into the crystal structure of ultra-pure silicon. In addition, when applied to power electronic devices, the heat loss can be reduced by 50%. The energy saving potential of SIC semiconductors does not end there; for example, it can increase the efficiency of inverters by up to 99%.


▲ Bosch's inverters use silicon carbide semiconductors

New winding technology helps increase power density by 35%

The Bosch 800V motor is being put into mass production. The new motor has a torque of 830 nm and an output of 460 kW. With the I-pin flat wire winding technology, the motor is further upgraded in terms of power, compactness and level of production automation. In terms of power to weight ratio, its power density is increased by 35%, reaching a power to weight ratio of 60 kW/L.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Bosch 800V motor has an excellent torque density of 105 nm/L, which means that its efficiency is up to 98%. The next generation of Bosch motors will use oil-cooled technology to achieve better emissions of the heat generated by the motor during operation, and to maintain outstanding performance on long drives or in commercial vehicles.


▲ Bosch 800V motor is being put into mass production


A rich product portfolio from components to systems

Bosch offers an innovative and rich product portfolio, from semiconductors to e-Axles bridge systems. From passenger cars to trucks, Bosch can offer its full stack of hybrid and electric models around customer needs. At present, Bosch has produced more than 3.5 million motors and inverters respectively. With its R&D and production presence in all major markets, Bosch is able to provide quality products and services close to its local markets and customers.


The locally developed 800V bridge will be put into production in China

In the booming Chinese market of new energy vehicles, Bosch's 800V bridge based on silicon carbide technology will take the lead in mass production in the United Automotive Electronics Taicang plant in September this year and be applied to a domestic self-owned brand model. Developed by a local team in China, the new bridge combines advanced modulation algorithms and global frequency optimization to achieve a CLTC efficiency of 91% and is equipped with a new generation of inverters. The inverter uses a locally developed silicon carbon-based power module and is self-packaged at the Taicang plant. Bosch 800V bridge is also equipped with iBC (intelligent boost module), which can realize the boost function of 400V to 800V, so that the vehicle equipped with 800V system can be charged in the 400V charging pile, expanding the vehicle charging scenario. In addition, the Bosch 800V motor rotor will also be put into mass production at the United Automotive Electronics Liuzhou plant in September this year. This product will first be installed on the new 800V electric vehicle platform power system of a domestic independent brand.


Aichie Tech specializes in the production of customized new energy vehicle wiring harnesses and various types of wiring harnesses, to provide customers with excellent service and continue to provide customers with high quality products, if there is demand, please send inquiry for us!


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