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40% lower cost! Tesla's Shanghai factory has begun Sep 28, 2023

Recently, some media saw in the Tesla Super Factory in Shanghai Pudong Lingang that the Tesla Model Y rear floor assembly system produced here has successfully adopted integrated die casting technology to achieve rapid casting. The structure and thermal management system manager of Tesla Shanghai Co., LTD., introduced that on the rear floor Model of Tesla Model Y, the original spare parts were installed and integrated into one part, and the production efficiency was greatly improved. Compared with the traditional way, the body system saved more than 10% weight.


In addition, the cost also has a very obvious advantage, thanks to the optimization of the structural design and material recycling results, the rear floor assembly system of the car using integrated die casting method, the manufacturing cost is reduced by 40%.


It is worth noting that overseas media reported recently that Tesla's integrated die-cast body technology (gigacasting) has made a breakthrough, which can change the existing electric vehicle production mode and help Musk achieve the goal of halving production costs.


According to the report, Tesla has developed a giant press with 6000-9000 tons of clamping pressure, one die-cast the front and rear frame structure of the Model Y model, which can be the traditional car production of about 400 parts, almost all the complex electric car bottom die-cast into a whole, reducing production costs and building a new technical moat of Tesla.


The report also said that Tesla's deployment of this die-cast body technology, the development of a new car can be reduced to 18-24 months, as compared to the current car manufacturers usually take 3-4 years to develop a new car.


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