• What is Spring Cable?
    What is Spring Cable? Dec 09, 2022
    What is a spring cable? Spring cable is also known as spiral cable, it is necessary to use spiral cable in almost all industries.     Spring Cable Application: Whether in communications (telephone, radio) or medical technology, electric locomotive industry, mechanical engineering, or lighting industry, spiral cables have applications everywhere. In addition to their electro-mechanical ad...
  • What is Servo Cable?
    What is Servo Cable? Dec 09, 2022
    Servo cable is a special wire and cable for private service system. Its characteristics are different from those of conventional wire and cable. Its main function is to connect and control the servo system. The performance of servo motor is greatly improved.       Servo motor wire and cable belong to a new series of environmental protection products. It is a numerical transmission c...
  • What is PVC Electrical Wire?
    What is PVC Electrical Wire? Nov 30, 2022
    PVC wire is currently used at home and abroad more of a kind of wire, PVC electrical wire is also known as Polyvinyl chloride wire. In many home decoration, factory circuit construction when we can see PVC wire cable. Years of development makes PVC wire itself has a good market position, as well as a good reputation. Of course, the most commendable thing is the continuous improvement of its p...
  • How to select EV high voltage Cable? Nov 25, 2022
    EV high-voltage cable introduction: On electric vehicles, the high-voltage electrical system is mainly responsible for starting, driving, charging and discharging and air conditioning power supply. It mainly includes battery system, power system, high-voltage electronic control system, charging system, high-voltage equipment and its harness system. The high-voltage line of electric vehicle is used...
  • How to apply high voltage wiring harness to electronic vehicle system?
    How to apply high voltage wiring harness to electronic vehicle system? Nov 25, 2022
    High voltage wiring harness is a key connector and cable in electric vehicles in the whole operation of the vehicle, the main hidden dangers affecting the high voltage wiring harness are overheating or combustion, and the harsh environment on the wiring harness and shielding performance, the risk of water and dust, etc. The development of new energy vehicles in China has made great progress, and a...
  • What is the terminal blocks?
    What is the terminal blocks? Nov 24, 2022
    Terminal Blocks--What is it?     A recognized component of any engineer's connector toolbox, junction boxes have been used for years to provide semi-permanent, secure wire connections for a wide range of applications. A terminal block, also known as a connection terminal, terminal connector, or screw terminal, consists of a module housing and insulator that connects two or more wires tog...
  • What is Fuel Injector Wiring Harness?
    What is Fuel Injector Wiring Harness? Nov 23, 2022
    It is dangerous for your car and yourself to use a faulty engine fuel injector wire harness. You should replace it with a new fuel injector wiring harness asap so that the function of the injector can be safely activated and the car can operate normally.     Fuel injectors are part of the process that supplies gasoline to a car's internal combustion engine. Without this, your car will no...
  • How to Test Alligator Clips & Alligator Clips Wiring Harness
    How to Test Alligator Clips & Alligator Clips Wiring Harness Nov 21, 2022
    Alligator clip wire Many times in circuits, we use alligator clips to connect the various parts of the circuit together; Or use alligator clip to optimize wire harness testing process and save wire harness testing time. For example, we can connect DC power to the circuit through a pair of alligator clips. Even though this case is out of the ordinary, sometimes the circuit may n...
  • UL Power Cable and VDE Power Cable?
    UL Power Cable and VDE Power Cable? Nov 18, 2022
    1. Different voltage environments: European VDE power cables are used at 220V voltage, while American UL power cables usually work at 110V voltage. 2. Different certifications: VDE power cables in Europe use VDE certification standards. Power cables with VDE certification can be bought and sold in the European Union. UL power cables in the United States use the UL certification standard. Power cab...
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