【 Wire Harness 】 Knowledge about energy storage cable assembly Sep 21, 2023

【 Wire Harness 】 Knowledge about energy storage wire harness


It can be seen from the literal meaning that "energy storage" is "energy storage", which refers to the conversion of different forms of energy such as electrical energy, heat energy, mechanical energy into other forms of energy storage, when needed, it will be converted into the required form of energy release. Energy storage cable harness refers to a device used to store electrical energy, which can transmit electrical energy to the energy storage device through the wire harness.

Energy storage wire harnesses typically consist of multiple cables and connectors that can transfer electrical energy from a generator or battery to an energy storage device for later use. The design and manufacture of energy storage wiring harnesses need to consider many factors, such as power, voltage, current, temperature and environment.

In order to ensure the reliability and safety of the wiring harness, designers need to carry out detailed electrical and mechanical analysis of the wiring harness and manufacture it using high-quality materials and processes.

The energy storage cable harness usually consists of a number of batteries that are connected together by wires and connectors to form a harness. Energy storage wire harnesses are commonly used in areas such as electric vehicles, aerospace and military applications.

 Energy storage harness

 (Energy storage cable harness)


The structure of energy storage wiring harness includes battery, connector, wire, protection device and control circuit. Batteries are the most important part of the energy storage harness, and common batteries include lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries and supercapacitors.

Connectors are used to connect batteries. Common connectors include plugs, sockets, inserts, and connecting blocks. Wires are used to transmit electrical energy, and their materials are copper, aluminum, etc. The protection device is used to protect the battery from damage such as charging, overdischarge, and short circuit.

The control circuit is used to monitor the state of the battery, control the charging and discharging process, and ensure the long life and safety of the battery. The use of energy storage harness can greatly improve energy efficiency, reduce energy waste and environmental pollution.

For example, the use of energy storage wire harnesses in electric vehicles can reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, improving the vehicle's range and performance. The use of energy storage harnesses in aerospace and military applications can improve the reliability and safety of the system and enhance the combat effectiveness and combat capability of the system.


(XT30 XT60 XT90 Connector Battery Cable)


The composition of the most hot new energy vehicle energy storage wire harness

The composition of the wiring harness of the automobile energy storage power supply, the wiring harness is composed of different specifications and different performance wires, the main specifications and performance requirements are as follows:

01 Cross-sectional area of the energy storage power harness

Select the cross product of the wire according to the load and current of the electrical equipment. The general principle is that electrical equipment with long working time can use 60% of the actual current, and electrical equipment with short working time can use 60% to 100% of the actual current.

02 Color of the energy storage power harness

The car has a color and serial number on the circuit. As the number of automotive electrical equipment continues to increase, the number of wires is also increasing. In order to facilitate the identification and maintenance of automotive electrical equipment, the low-voltage wire in the automobile circuit is generally composed of different color wires. In vehicle wiring diagrams, which are usually color-coded (represented by one or two letters), the wires are usually different vehicle colors. Monochrome and color have two selection principles in common. One of the color lines is the former, and the latter is the complementary color.

03 Physical Properties

(1) The wire between the door and the door body should be curved.

(2) The wires used in the high temperature resistance part are generally vinyl chloride or polyethylene coated wires with good insulation and heat resistance.

(3) In terms of shielding function, in recent years, more and more electromagnetic wave shielding circuits using weak signal lines have been adopted.

04 Bind the power cable harness

(1) The use of half-folded packaging, painting, drying process, greatly improve the strength and insulation performance of the cable.

(2) A new type of wire harness is placed in the side-cut plastic corrugated pipe, which is partly wrapped in plastic, making it stronger, more protective, and more convenient to find the fault line.


Overall, the value of energy storage has been more and more recognized, the discussion of energy storage is becoming more and more hot, once energy storage providers are eager to be able to get the support of state subsidies like photovoltaic, electric vehicles, but with the decline of electric vehicle subsidies, 531 policy after the photovoltaic industry a wailing, energy storage companies should also return to rationality.

The difficulties facing energy storage enterprises at this stage, first, the technical capacity needs to be improved, and the problems of battery charging and discharging performance, safety and stability, and waste battery disposal need to be further solved. The second is the lack of effective market mechanism and price strategy, energy storage has not yet reflected enough value in the power market. Therefore, the main thing that energy storage enterprises can do is to improve the technical level and track the progress of the market.

Once the spot market is built, the simple peak-valley spread arbitrage can be evolved into the component time spread arbitrage, and the utilization space of energy storage will increase. In the mature auxiliary service market, energy storage can participate in almost all auxiliary service varieties and obtain corresponding benefits; With the deep advancement of demand-side response, microgrid and other projects, the status of energy storage will also be improved, becoming an important flexible resource in the system, the current energy storage projects are still far from large-scale application, and there is still a lot of space for energy storage wiring harness.


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