What is the car light wire harness? Sep 21, 2022

In the whole system of automotive wiring harness, the headlight wiring harness has been easy to ignore the topic, today let's discuss the classification of the headlight wiring harness.


headlight wiring harness


The headlight wire harness is not a high-voltage wire harness, but a kind of low-voltage wire harness. Wiring harness is generally copper multi core flexible wire, a few specifications commonly used on the market at present are: 0.5mm², 0.75mm², 1.0mm², 2.0mm², 2.5mm², 4.0mm², 6.0mm² and other square millimeters, each has allowable load current value. Let's take a look at what kind of lights each square millimeter wire harness is used in;


car light wire harness


Take the whole car light wire harness for example:

1, 0.5mm² specification lighting wiring harness is generally used in the car's instrument light, indicator light, door light, roof light and other positions;


2, 0.75mm² specification wiring harness is generally used for car license plate lights, front and rear lights, production lights, etc.;


3, 1.0mm² specification wire harness is generally used in the car turn signal, fog lights, etc.


4, 1.5mm² specifications of wiring harness is mainly used for car headlights, horn, etc.;


5, 2.5mm²-4.0mm² specifications are mainly used in some of the power supply requirements of the car lights, the key is to see the maximum current value of the load, such as the battery wire, the positive power cord is a special car wire used alone, their wire diameter has more than ten square millimeters.


The above five points analysis can basically determine the specifications of the vehicle light wire harness use classification and category, I hope the above information can help you.

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