The difference between electric vehicle wiring harness and ordinary auto wiring harness Mar 29, 2023

The difference between electric vehicle wiring harness and ordinary auto wiring harness


In recent years, the concept of new energy has become mainstream. Especially in the automotive industry, new energy electric vehicles have been vigorously launched. Their environmental protection, low-carbon and energy-saving characteristics just meet this demand. At the same time, most wiring harness manufacturers have begun to study and learn the knowledge of the new energy electric vehicle industry, and Dongguan Aichie Tech Electronics Co Ltd. is among them.


Different components of electric vehicle beams and ordinary car auto cable assemblies are different

Electric vehicle wiring can be divided into: main wire harness and support route wiring harnesses. According to the system configuration of the electric vehicle, the main wire harness is divided into: battery power supply system wire harness, power switching cable bundle, control system main supply cable; the branch wire is divided into: lighting signal wire harness, control system signal cable assembly, combined switching cable assembly, etc. The lighting signal system wire harness can be divided into front lights, rear lights, brake lights, licenset light wires, etc. Most of the car owner circuit harnesses are centered on the controller and extend to the front and back of the body. The new energy ev cable assembly is generally used in electric vehicles, which is not shared with fuel vehicles. The core component of the electric vehicle is the wiring harness. If the electric vehicle cable assemblies, there will be problems with the entire car. Pay special attention to the battery control system on the electric vehicle. However, if there is no wire harnesses in fuel vehicles, there are problems with problems such as lighting, central control, etc., and the transmission and brakes will not be affected.


Different performance of electric vehicle cable assembly and ordinary auto cable assembly performance

The wires of the tram wire loom have different cross -sections, and the current values allowed to pass through the wires of different cross -sectional areas are different. Generally, battery output wire harnesses, main cables wiring harness , control system main wires, power locks, battery packs, etc. generally use more than 1.5 mm² or more. The switch is generally used with a wire of 0.15 mm² or more. The performance and indicators of electric vehicle cable assemblies are much higher than the fuel vehicle wiring harness, and the performance of high voltage cable and screen system is much higher than that of fuel vehicles. When the wire harness manufacturer can also be screened accordingly. 


Different from electric vehicle cable assemblies and ordinary auto wiring harness and processing equipment

Everyone should also find that the diameter of the car beam depends on the maximum current of the load. The wire diameter of the high -voltage cable assembly of new energy electric vehicles is much larger than that of ordinary fuel vehicle wires. If this kind of wire with a large diameter, it is necessary to be equipped with a special knife frame. In terms of maintaining the basic car wiring harness processing function, the rotating knife header is used to ensure the accuracy and quality of the wire.

The electric vehicle wire harnesses is more stricter than the fuel car wire harness in both materials selection, process processing, assembly. A qualified electric vehicle cable assembly manufacturer should have sufficient qualification R & D team, sufficient experience, and strictly implement the quality of the wire harness to the end.


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