The basics of wiring harnesses - Part IV Nov 07, 2023

SATA cable series

SATA Cable

SATA is an abbreviation for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (Serial ATA), also known as Serial ATA. Used for data transfer between the host board and mass storage devices such as hard disk drives. SATA transfers are faster than ever and support hot swappable. In addition, the SATA bus uses an embedded time signal, with stronger error correction ability, can check the transmission instructions (not only data), and automatically correct the error, improving the reliability of data transmission.

SATA Cable

DC Cable series

DC Cable

DC Cable is a low-voltage transmission connection cable, with good flexibility, used for the connection of home appliances, electrical appliances, etc., with strong practicability and convenient connection. DC cable: DC power cable, DC data cable, DC plug cable, DC charging cable, DC waterproof cable, etc

VGA Cable

Computer peripheral wire series

Computer Peripheral Cable

Computer peripheral cable mainly includes: keyboard, mouse, network cable, audio/video cable and other products. RGB Cable is a standard video transmission connection line, mainly for red/green/blue three colors for transmission, storage, conversion processing, suitable for the application of analog display equipment

DB15 cable

RCA Cable series

RCA Cable

RCA is an acronym for Radio Corporation of American because the RCA connector was invented by this company. RCA commonly known as lotus socket, also known as AV terminal, also known as AV interface, almost all TV, DVD player products have this interface. It can be used for both audio and ordinary video signals. The RCA terminal adopts the mode of coaxial signal transmission, the central axis is used to transmit the signal, and the contact layer along the outer circle is used to ground, which can be used to transmit digital audio signals and analog video signals. There are usually pairs of audio interfaces (left and right channels) (white) and video interfaces (yellow)

Audio cable

Bifurcation cable, that is, you can use headphones and stereo at the same time, without this line, you can only use one of the headphones and stereo;

One split into three wires or three pairs of three wires

Connect DVD and TV audio cable Video cable, some computers with multi-function terminals can also be used to connect to the TV, or home speaker


VGA Cable series

VGA Cable

VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a computer display standard using analog signals proposed by IBM in 1987, also known as display graphics array. VGA interface has a total of 15 pins, divided into 3 rows, each row of 5 holes, is the most widely used interface type on the graphics card, the vast majority of graphics cards are equipped with this interface.VGA Cable

VGA display mode

VGA supports the simultaneous display of 16 colors or 256 gray scales at a higher resolution of 640X480, and 256 colors at a resolution of 320X240. VGA is expanded to support higher resolution such as 800X600 or 1024X768, and these expanded modes are called VESA(Video Electronics Standards Association, Video Electronics Standards Association) Super VGA mode. SVGA for short, also known as D-Sub interface, it transmits red, green, blue analog signals as well as synchronous signals (horizontal and vertical signals)


The application of VGA technology is mainly based on the computer, notebook and other devices of VGA display card, and in some devices that require the display of color high-resolution images and do not need to use computers, VGA technology is rarely seen.


DVI Cable series

DVI Cable----DVI Details

DVI cable is a display data cable used to connect display devices such as monitors, DVDS and projectors. For example, one end is plugged into the graphics card of a computer with DVI interface, and the other end is plugged into the monitor with DVI interface, and the computer can display the picture of the computer to the monitor after normal startup. DVI is a Digital Visual Interface. Digital Video Interface (DVI) is an international open interface standard, which is widely used in PC, DVD, HDTV, high definition projector and other equipment

DVI cable

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