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In order for the robot to perform its tasks accurately and efficiently, there must be no errors in the various connections inside the robot. At this time, the crimping form of the Robot Wire Harness is very important, and we also need to be strict about it, and the crimping harness must be stable and reliable. With the continuous rise of labor costs, there are more and more occasions to use robots in the industrial field. Robot application scenarios from 1.0 to 2.0 to today's robot 3.0 era, more and more robots begin to replace humans to complete more and more complex work, and the consumer service field will take the lead to become the next blue ocean. From unmanned cash registers in supermarkets, food delivery robots in restaurants to robot applications in production line workshops, industrial fields and consumer fields, the robot era has truly opened the 3.0 era.


Application of wire harness classification of robot wire harness

Robot wiring harness

The cables used by industrial robots are different because of the different parts of the use, and the required characteristics are different. What kinds of wires and cables are used by industrial robots?


Robot wire and cable are generally divided into signal circuit cables and power circuit cables

A: There are two kinds of signal circuit and power circuit, mainly used for ultra-bending cables or spring cables where extreme bending and twisting is applied, such as the rotating part or the wrist part.

B: Two kinds of signal circuit and power circuit, mainly used in general joint parts and other parts with less frequency and more moderate conditions than A bending cable.

C: Signal circuit, mainly used for guiding box wire, due to the need to operate, so the need for flexible cable.

D: There are two kinds of signal circuit and power circuit, mainly used for the liaison cable between the robot and the control device, and the use method is divided into fixed wiring and mobile wiring.

E: Signal circuit and power circuit, mainly used in the control device and other machine internal fixed wire and cable


Bank device wire harness (lndustrial Wire Harness), the bank device wire harness can be used for bank devices, including: Window intercom, queue machine, LED display, interest rate screen, ID card discriminator, etc., window charging system, bank intercom, check discriminator, ATM (ATM), automatic deposit machine, circular automatic teller machine (CRS), self-service inquiry machine, self-service payment machine, etc., wire harrow terminals generally use TYCO connector /AMP connector, etc. With the continuous development capacity of domestic connector companies, connector localization is accelerating!



However, with the opening of the digital currency policy in contemporary society, some banking equipment will show a gradual reduction, and the future banking equipment wiring harness will usher in a sharp reduction, if the company is still engaged in the production of related wiring harnesses, it is necessary to develop as early as possible to replace the continuous growth of wiring harnesses, such as robot wiring harnesses and automotive wiring harnesses.

Harness application classification of communication data, security harness

Communication data/security harness (lndustrial Wire Harness), there are many types of security system harness, such as closed-circuit monitoring, anti-theft alarm, access control attendance card, network engineering, parking lot management, smart home, smart office, video intercom, conference system, intelligent audio and video. With the upgrading of existing products in the future 5G network will usher in a climax, due to the sharp increase in product demand and the status of the existing volume, its unit price is basically the same as that of consumer products. Mainly lies in the difference in the application of electronic products.

At present, the I/O modules of SFP28/SFP56 and QSFP28/QSFP56 are mainly used between switches and switches in the mainstream cabinet in the market and between switches and servers. In the 56Gbps rate era, in order to pursue higher port density, people have further developed the QSFP-DD IO module to achieve 400G port capacity. With the doubling of the signal rate, the port capacity of the QSFP-DD module can be doubled to 800G, we call OSFP112, its package has 8 high-speed channels, the single channel transmission rate can reach 112G PAM4, the total transmission rate of the whole package is up to 800G; Backward compatible with OSFP56, double the speed compared with the same time, and meet the IEEE 802.3CK Association standard; This will inevitably lead to a sharp increase in link losses, which will further shorten the transmission distance of passive copper I/O modules. Based on realistic physical constraints, the 802.3CK group that developed the 112G specification in IEEE reduced the maximum length of the copper cable link to 2 meters on the basis of the 56G speed of the longest 3 meters of copper cable I/O, the market is changing rapidly, and the future development speed will be faster. The good news is that from standards bodies to industry, there have been promising and significant advances that are expected to help data centers upgrade to 400G and 800G. But removing technical barriers is only half the challenge. The other half is timing. Every two to three years is a refresh cycle, and new technologies are being introduced at an accelerated pace, making it difficult for operators to accurately judge the right transition time, and when miscalculations occur, the costs will be higher. With 25 percent copper, 50 percent multimode fiber, and 25 percent single-module fiber in deployed 100G data centers, these provisional numbers are not exact, but the growing demand for bandwidth, capacity, and lower latency is driving the migration to faster network speeds. Therefore, every year, the adaptability and viability of large-scale cloud data centers is a test. At present, 100G is pouring into the market, is expected to usher in 400G this year. Nevertheless, data traffic continues to increase, and the pressure on data centers will continue unabated, and the related wiring harness enterprises will benefit.

cable assembly


With the development of the economy, computers are widely used in some important places: such as finance, information, communication, industrial control systems, etc., the reliability and stability of the power supply requirements are getting higher and higher, especially the industrial control system, which needs high-quality and high-stability power supply. When the power grid system is suddenly outage, there should be a power supply to maintain a certain time of power supply, in order to do protective processing of the data of the industrial control system and make the on-site instruments and regulating valves in a safe position, but also to ensure that the process can do emergency treatment to prevent accidents. UPS series industrial control harness is very important, connecting harness is mainly used in electronic, electrical products. Most industries need to use connected wiring harnesses, of which the largest market segments for telecommunications, by automotive, instrumentation industrial automation equipment, the third largest market is medical, aviation, railway, transportation, etc.; This type of harness is mainly used in AC uninterruptible power supply systems, such as UPS and distribution.

custom wire harness 

The industrial UPS power supply is composed of two parts of the host and the battery, the wiring harness is mainly the power control cables, such as the switch power line, the computer power cables, etc., the delay (power supply) time depends on the size of the battery capacity and the load weight and the cross-sectional area of the cable. Aichie Tech will comply with customer requirements standard configuration of power control requirements AWG number of cables. To provide customers with reliable wiring harness solutions. Contact us to discuss your wiring harness needs!


Aichie Tech can professionally and quickly provide customers with wire harness solutions, provide customers with competitive prices, fast delivery, high quality wire harness, contact us, we will help you win more business!

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