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What is the future of the auto wiring harness in the software age? Mar 31, 2023

At present, with the increasingly prominent trend of automobiles, electronic equipment on the car can be described as dazzling. At the same time, in order to create a personalized user experience, each vehicle functional module is highly interconnected. As one of the links of the interconnect, the auto wiring harness has increased significantly in terms of weight, length and cost.


According to the prediction of the data analysis agency Global Market Monitor, the global auto cable assemblies market size will reach US$ 49.789 billion by 2025, which is close to the $50 billion mark. However, for consideration of fuel consumption, energy consumption, cost and environmental protection, the automotive industry must control the unlimited increase in the number of wire harnesses. In the process, it cannot be at the cost of reducing the performance and bandwidth of the vehicle signal link. Obviously, this is a contradictory and sharp industry problem.


 Define the car for software to empower the car


With the improvement of the intelligent level of automobiles, the value of software has attracted widespread attention from the vehicle manufacturers and the industrial chain. From the perspective of multiple industry survey data, future software definition automobiles will be a very obvious trend in the development of the automotive industry. In terms of overall cost, it is expected that software costs will account for 30% of the overall cost of the car by 2030. In terms of code output, the average annual compound growth rate of the amount of car software code between 2015 and 2025 is about 21%. There is no doubt that software defines automobiles will reconstruct the car industry pattern.

From the perspective of Gideon Kedem, software definition cars have brought new challenges to auto wire design, but it is also an important starting point for solving problems.

"The automotive industry is entering the era of software defining automobiles, and the design transformation of the separation of software and hardware is required. Traditional car structures are increasingly challenged, because the entire vehicle manufacturer wants to achieve more software -driven functions, such as ADAS, autonomous driving, and autonomous driving. System and digital cockpit. For each new system, new ECUs and more wiring are required, and the limitation of physical space and weight, coupled with the rising manufacturing costs, make these functions that cannot be expanded at all. "GIDEON KEDEM Said, "the development momentum of the regional architecture has been rising, that is, through simplifying the wiring, placing the sensor more flexibly, and providing better scalability, it provides a improved framework for software -driven applications. It takes time for many traditional OEMs, but we find that more and more auto manufacturers expressed their intention to adopt the technology required for this new design method. "

He pointed out that a major advantage of the VALENS chipset is that it can integrate multiple interfaces on the same link to achieve simplification and less, thereby significantly reducing the size and cost of the car cable assembly.

Control and Ethernet, thereby verifying the expression of GIDEON KEDEM above.


One -stop satisfaction of high -speed vehicle high -speed link

 Gideon Kedem said that as the automotive industry moves towards the software definition of the automotive era, auto manufacturers are looking for a more standard connection solution. Valens has developed different chip sets to meet different application needs, which makes Valens a one -stop solution service provider for all high -speed applications.


In this regard, he mentioned the three major chipset series of Valens, as shown in the figure below, which are the VA6000 chipset series that provides high-speed, symmetrical, and long-range connections for information entertainment connections; Standard VA7000 chipset series; and the VA8000 chipset series specifically applied to display and cockpit applications.


The VA6000 chipset series is a connection solution designed for information entertainment, remote information processing and backbone data application. These chipsets provide high -speed, symmetrical, and long -distance connections through single UTP cables. As shown in the figure below, the VA6000 chipset series can complete the transmission of audio and video, data, and control signals through a 15 -meter -long non -shielding twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twilight (UTP) cables.



Gideon Kedem talked about the application of the VA6000 chipset series in the truck market during an example to help trucks solve the problem of vision blind spots. At present, trucks are generally on the road to blind spots. Some of the reason is that the existing connection technology cannot reach the level of data transmission required by the truck, and it is difficult to reach the connection length between trucks and trailers. Through the cooperation between Valens and Stoneridge, the two parties cooperate to provide a long -range connection solution, which can be applied to the visual and safety system of trucks. According to his description, the cooperation between Valens and Stoneridge is the combination of the VA6000 chipset series and the Stoneridge camera to provide a safer experience for global truck drivers.

Electronic enthusiasts reporters found that the latest products of the VA6000 chipset series are VA6003 after checking Valens's product press release. VALENS defines the VA6003 chipset as the optimal solution to the Ethernet connection in the automotive industry in the automotive industry, and provides 1.5Gbps/1.5Gbps symmetrical bandwidth, low power consumption and minimum error rate in the industry. "The VA6003 chip set provides a highly stable alternative solution for the traditional Ethernet link to support working on low -cost cables. This chipset supports time -sensitive networks, chip wiring and high -speed connectors." Gideon Kedem is in the interview. Speaking.

He emphasized that being able to provide these leading solutions from Valens's deep understanding of PHY technology. In June 2019, Valens announced that the MIPI Alliance chose Valens technology as the basis for the A-PHY physical layer standard for automobiles and used it for high-speed links for cameras, monitors and radars. This standard has been adopted by IEEE.

VALENS's VA70XX chip set series is the world's first chipset to meet the A-PHY standards. It provides multiple G asymmetric connections. This product has been evaluated at the vehicle manufacturer and Tier-level component manufacturers. For LVDS, LVDS The extended traditional Serdes solution has a significant alternative trend. The latter not only has high prices, but also cannot meet the current needs.

Gideon Kedem introduced: "Valens is committed to providing a underlying connection solution for every car sensor system that needs the A-PHY link. Innotek, Sunny Optical, Mobileye, etc. "."

In the trend of software defining cars, the display is the main interface of human -machine interaction, which has taken up the intelligent flag of intelligence. In the future, multi -screen linkage must be an essential function of smart cockpit. VALENS's VA8000 series chipset is to cope with more and more screens and information entertainment applications in the cockpit, which puts forward higher requirements for high bandwidth links. It is reported that the VA8000 chipset series is under development, and Gideon Kedem uses "upcoming" to express its progress.

Obviously, Valens's products and solutions have proposed a new, cost -effective wire harness solution path. However, cautious car practitioners will have a lot of concerns. Therefore, the author asked for anti -interference and information security protection.

Speaking of anti -electromagnetic interference, Gideon Kedem pointed out that Valens's products can overcome the harsh car electromagnetic environment, with three major mechanisms: PAM (pulse amplitude modulation), instant noise elimination, and dynamic modulation. The electromagnetic compatibility is crucial. The automotive industry has strict electromagnetic requirements. VALENS's VA6000 and VA7000 chipset series have passed the vehicle regulations of the vehicle manufacturer and the Tier 1 component dealer to ensure that they meet the requirements. Valens's A-PHY compatible chip group has a very low code rate, which is converted into the concept of time. The code rate is equivalent to only one error in the link transmission of this link for 10,000 years. This is a few magnitude lower than the current competitor solution.

When it comes to information security protection, Gideon Kedem explains around A-Phy. "One advantage of standard solutions like A-PHY is that MIPI defines security at the overall level. A-PHY is the basis of MASS (MIPI Automotive Serdes Solutions). Conservation provides real-end security, including certification, integrity, and confidentiality. Under the protective umbrella of MIPI, the A-PHY compatible chip will provide other solutions that cannot be compared with functional security requirements and network security protection, because this is exclusively for proper Technology, and A-Phy is a standard, "he said.


Looking forward to the Chinese market


In the communication with reporters, Gideon Kedem also expressed expectations for the Chinese market.

"There are many new car companies and mature car companies in the Chinese market. They are all forward -looking and can accept new technologies faster." Gideon Kedem said, "With the continuous development of the company, we attach great importance to the Chinese market. There is a high degree of expectation. We have a professional sales team and a support team here. At present, we are working with several Chinese vehicle manufacturers and first/secondary suppliers to implement an interconnection solution. Based on the current cooperation, we are full of future cooperation, we are full of future cooperation, we are full of the future expect"


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