What is the new energy vehicle BMS battery harness? Jan 29, 2024

What is New Energy BMS?

Battery Management System (BMS), the main function is to monitor and manage the battery, collect and calculate the voltage, current, temperature and SOC parameters through a specific algorithm, and then control the entire charging and discharging process of the battery, playing a protective role. It is a management system that can effectively improve the comprehensive performance of the battery. The BMS battery management system on the new energy vehicle is an important link between the on-board power battery and the electric vehicle, which plays a monitoring role in the temperature, voltage and vehicle voltage of the battery cell. When each voltage exceeds 4.2V, it will automatically alarm, and then notify the BMS to automatically cut off the electric control of the motor and stop working.

New Energy Harness What is BMS battery harness

BMS battery wiring harness is an important part of the new energy battery pack BMS system, is the carrier of signal transmission between the components of the system, is responsible for the voltage and temperature signals of each battery component module real-time transmission to the BMS system, is one of the important components of the battery BMS system signal transmission. Considering the complexity of the use environment of the battery pack, the BMS battery harness needs stable signal transmission, which has high requirements for its high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, resistance to twists and turns, and flexibility. In the new energy vehicle, the management of the battery cell, as well as the communication and information exchange with the vehicle are realized through BMS. BMS in the vehicle electromagnetic environment is more complex, in the car high-power equipment work, will produce strong electromagnetic interference, will affect the normal work of BMS, which requires new energy vehicle BMS wiring harness with anti-electromagnetic interference characteristics, in order to accurately collect battery voltage, current and other data.

The role of BMS battery wiring harness for new energy vehiclesThe role of BMS battery wiring harness for new energy vehicles

As mentioned earlier, the BMS battery pack harness needs stable and reliable signal transmission, which plays an important role in the entire battery management system, so what are its specific roles and effects? Let's find out.

1, protect the battery cable and battery pack from harm;

2, make the battery work within the appropriate voltage connection line and temperature range to meet the needs of the vehicle;

3, battery parameter detection: including total voltage, total current, single voltage detection, temperature detection, insulation detection, collision detection, impedance detection and so on;

4, battery condition monitoring: including connection line SOC, high-speed connection line SOH, terminal connection line SOF;

5, online diagnosis: including sensor faults, network faults, battery faults, battery overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, insulation faults and so on;

6, maintain battery safety, play a warning role: including temperature control system and high voltage control, once the monitoring failure, BMS battery harness will transmit information to the vehicle controller and charger, to ensure battery safety, including leakage maintenance, etc.;

7, charge control: including BMS slow charge and fast charge control;

8, BMS battery harness collection of single voltage information, the selection of balance method to make the battery to reach the common, the battery balance method includes dissipative and non-dissipative.

BMS battery wire harness

BMS battery wiring harness has high requirements for the design of wiring harness structure, especially the terminal crimping directly affects the electrical performance

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