How to maintain new energy vehicle batteries and high-voltage wiring harnesses? May 27, 2024

1. Batteries

As the core component of the new energy vehicle, the maintenance of the battery is particularly important, the car mainly chooses the correct charging equipment, follows the principle of "less charging many times", and avoids charging at high temperatures. Regular inspection is a necessary step to maintain the energy vehicle, the car mainly regularly check whether the appearance of the battery is damaged, if there is damage in time to replace, but also check whether the battery line is loose corrosion phenomenon, timely replacement of parts to ensure the normal work of the battery.


2. Circuit System

After the rainy season, there may be oxidation, corrosion, aging of all parts, therefore, in the autumn must be the necessary inspection of these systems, and high voltage wiring harness and electronic control system inspection need the corresponding detection tools, must be entrusted to qualified stores. The general maintenance cycle of new energy vehicles is 10,000 kilometers, mainly to check the battery system, motor system, electrical control system, according to the specific situation to replace or repair.


3. High Voltage Wiring Harness

The main function of the automotive high-voltage wiring harness is to connect and disconnect the low-voltage circuit, so that the ignition ring generates high-voltage current, and this energy is transmitted to the spark plug, so that the spark plug starts to work. We want to check the appearance of the high voltage wire damage, cracks or traces of breakdown leakage, to use a professional voltmeter, to connect the power battery harness and power control separator, and then test with the probe one by one, in the specified value is qualified, generally the high voltage harness warranty time is 5 years.


4. Check the Oil

New energy electric vehicles do not have oil, but brake oil, coolant and various lubricants do exist. The coolant of pure electric new energy vehicles is completely waterless, and the probability of burning coolant is much smaller than that of fuel vehicles, basically there is no need to worry, but the brake oil has the possibility of water recession, and it is more stable to change it in 2 years.


5. Check the Chassis

As the closest parts to the road, the chassis will inevitably have scratches during the driving process, and it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the maintenance, including a variety of transmission components, suspension components are loose or damaged, and the chassis is corroded. Generally, the chassis of pure electric energy vehicles will have good protection, but if the protective layer is damaged, it must be repaired in time to prevent greater failures.


6. Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular cleaning of the air conditioner is very necessary, the filter of the air conditioner needs to be replaced regularly to ensure that the air circulation is smooth, while avoiding the accumulation of dust and dirt, in addition, we can also use a special air conditioning cleaner to clean the air conditioning system to eliminate bacteria and odors.


7, Tire Inspection

Tire inspection is also the key to ensure safety in new energy electric vehicles. Due to the high temperature in summer, the road temperature is relatively high, so the tire will use a lower tire pressure response, we use the tire pressure gauge to check the tire pressure to ensure that the tire pressure reaches the standard range recommended by the manufacturer, check the tire tread wear, mainly including observing the tire pattern depth and uniformity. A lack of depth will reduce the grip of the tire. Also check the tire body whether there are cuts, cracks, etc., it is best to check every other month.


8. Appearance Inspection

The appearance inspection is mainly to check whether the lights can work normally, the aging of the wiper strip, and the damage of the car paint.


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