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Acquisition Plan" Amphenol: continue to force, unstoppable Apr 23, 2024

"Acquisition Plan" Amphenol: continue to force, unstoppable

Through a series of bold mergers and acquisitions, Amphenol quickly rose to become the second largest company in the connector industry.


Since January 2000, Amphenol has successfully expanded its business footprint through its aggressive acquisition strategy, acquiring more than 70 companies. During 2023, the company welcomed 10 new members. As the New Year begins in 2024, Amphenol continues its expansion momentum, with the latest move being the acquisition of Carlisle's CIT business. Thanks to the $600 million in sales contributed by companies that joined in 2023, and an additional $900 million from CIT, Amphenol companies not only outperformed the connector industry average in the 21st century, but significantly outperformed the S&P 500 Index. This achievement highlights the great success of the company's acquisition strategy, as well as the significant contribution of its solid internal growth to the performance improvement.


At the forefront of the global electronic connector industry, Amphenol continues to grow with the vision of its leadership. Since 2000, through carefully planned acquisitions and internal growth strategies, Amphenol has successfully built a large and diverse interconnect portfolio that not only supports the rapid development of emerging technology areas, such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing, but also meets the broad needs of the traditional electronics market. Covering industrial equipment, automotive, transportation, military, data communications, computers and peripherals, medical and consumer products and other key areas.


Amphenol's business expansion is not limited to connector and cable assembly manufacturers. The company's strategic reach also extends to other high-tech sectors, including manufacturers of antennas, sensors, microwave components, optical fibers, and broadband related products. This diversified product line and technical expertise has enabled Amphenol to take a leading position in the high-voltage, fiber, circular, PCB, and RF interconnect markets.

Adam Norwitt has held various management positions, becoming President of Amphenol in 2007 and a director and Chief Executive Officer of Amphenol in 2009. Adam Norwitt shares some insight into Amphenol's success.



Question: Amphenol's 2023 financial results declined due to acquisitions. Yet Amphenol has actually outperformed its peers. How did you do that?

Answer: In 2023, companies perform well by granting management teams complete autonomy to run their operating units. The ground team, those closest to the customer, has absolute flexibility. We don't micromanage from HQ. However, common sense dictates that operating units take advantage of Amphenol's scale. Amphenol's operating units are encouraged to collaborate in order to take full advantage of the company's technology breadth and market position.

For example, many of our units produce cable assemblies. We do not insist that the connectors on the components must be Amphenol products. If they can buy a connector at a lower price, they will use a competitor's product. This is a good demonstration of our commitment to management autonomy and operational flexibility.


Question: What's Amphenol's outlook 10 years from now? At its current compound annual growth rate of 10.8%, Amphenol will have annual sales of approximately $28 billion in 2033.

Answer: Amphenol is well positioned in the evolving electronics industry, with a wide range of products and a good entrepreneurial attitude. It is expected that Amphenol's corporate culture will remain vibrant and will be able to continue our past success in the future.


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